[TDC 910]

So just a 4 mile jog to parkrun duties this morning. Even more confused. I have allowed myself another week of ‘free’ eating. Haven’t gone crazy on the cakes but I have been eating ‘naughty’ food. Could be down to less cups of tea in the stomach when stepping on scales, but this morning I weighed 1lb less than I did last Saturday morning!? Given I am running next to nothing mileage this makes no sense at all? I thought I would have put on a few lbs, so not complaining.

weight 170916.jpg

TDC 910 days 10219 miles



One of those awful days when Garmin takes hours to upload from the watch. Seems so random. Lovely weather though. Looks set to remain this way for the rest of the week, so some good running ahead.


9 miles this lunchtime and another couple in the evening going to/from and with Run England group and a jog doing some GoodGym work for an evening 8 miles total.

TDC 739 days 8087 miles

London [TDC685]

Well I am excited to say that unless anything goes terribly wrong I will be running my first London Marathon in Apr after 33 years of running marathons! I have been asked to be a guide runner for a Canadian who is coming over and running for charity. To be completely honest the fact that it is the London Marathon doesn’t excite me much [I know, sacrilege to some] really. The fact it is guiding a marathon does.

Had to laugh though when I received the request, “are you marathon fit?” Had to resist the temptation to reply, “24/7/365”. As it wouldn’t have been entirely true perhaps? Not quite 365 anyway.

Today just a 3 mile jog after work before the evening Run England session. I have to laugh that now 65 mile weeks feel like I am being as lazy as a dead dog.


 TDC 685 days 7555 miles

price [TDC676]

Recovery day today at only 4 miles total [lunchtime with QMUL group and to evening Run England group.

Was there ever any doubt that ‘elite’ level sport is not good for you? GOOD of course is a very subjective matter. Plenty of studies have shown what is considered a minimum ‘good’ level for general health and well being. Beyond this level you are interested in different reasons for trying to excel at any given activity [this includes non-physical activities] than ‘health’.

For professional athletes being number one at almost any cost is the name of the game. Certainly there must be a viscous cycle of wanting to be the best but needing to make money so needing to be the best etc. Hence the drug issues and match fixing problems coming to light recently in several sports?

Luckily perhaps for most of us [no matter how passionate we are about our running] the limits of having a fairly ‘normal’ 9-5 life/job precludes any possibility of getting into this kind of tricky territory.


The most difficult question I always find asked is, “why do you run?” I haven’t yet found a suitable answer beyond the banal, easily spouted responses.Health, well-being, sociability, stress-relief, endorphin rush, getting from A to B quicker/more cheaply, blah blah blah. All true but seems to somehow undersell what running is really about?

In a recent interview I said, off the top of my head, “To move is to live.” Sounds like an off the shelf, self-help guru, aphoristic platitude kind of pseudo-Zen soundbite? I realise that for me at least it is probably the closest I’ll get to the ‘an answer’.

TDC 676 days 7477 miles


An easy day at 5 miles total. Lunchtime jog with beginners at Queen Mary. Evening jog with Run England group. Legs nice and rested despite the slight soreness from last night’s tin smash geezer fun. Looking forward to Saturday’s Ultra, though it looks like it will be well freezing conditions. Anything’s better than the rain and mud. Hopefully things will be a bit icy crisp solidified?


I hate to think what this post Xmas mileage lull and nosh scoffing is doing to my hard won weight loss? I guess I’ll need to check it out next week.

TDC 662 days 7356 miles

clocks [TDC582]

Only 12 miles this morning with viewtube runners but with some gentle hill repeats. Always strange when the clocks go back, you have an extra hour in bed [supposedly] but you wake up more tired?

Everything feeling fine ahead of the harder/longer warm up week starting tomorrow. I can’t believe another Movember Milo Miles is here already! Here’s to another successful completion.

TDC 582 days 5910 miles
RTR100 3456/4810 [71]