Seem to be going backwards; do feel very heavy and sluggish. Only managed the mile tonight at track in 7 minutes [409 metres in 1.42, then 1.46 (3.28), 1.50 (5.18), 1.42] but then that was only 10 minutes after running 400m in 1.34, 1.29, 1.31, 1.36 off of 2 minute rests [on planned 1.35 efforts] which was about the same pace but for less reps than four weeks ago but with a little less recovery [1.33, 1.31, 1.30, 1.31, 1.34, 1.35]. Think I was slightly dehydrated from standing in class all day.

Day130 OMC 551 miles



Just a little jog to Great Run Local duties this morning whilst a lot of the guys attempt the Three Peaks of Yorkshire Challenge.

viewtube 3peaks challenge 2018.jpg

Day126 OMC 541 miles


Just a trot to parkrun duties this morning. I can’t believe in two weeks that will be 7 years since Wanstead Flats started.

At least I am slowly getting back to it again. Not sure [apart from work – lack of time] what happened the last couple of weeks with the running!?

Day125 OMC 538 miles


A slow one tonight. A mile [watch died before run started!] in 6.46; Too fast over first 409m 1:32, through halfway in another 1:43 [3:15], third lap completed with 1:47 [5:02] then died on last lap of 1:44 I guess my brain got locked into the faster 400M repeats from the other week?

Strangely whilst I have backtracked on my weight loses [back up to 13 stone – 182 lbs] my times are 1 minute quicker than at the start of the year. Back to square one on the weight control then.

Day116 OMC 512 miles


Lovely sunny morning for parkrun duties and a record number of 252 participants for week five. Great to see some of the guys.


Day111 OMC 520 miles


Blistering hot day; even hot in the evening, but ended up doing an impromptu interval session. Quite surprised at 13 stone to still be able to at least run 400 metre repeats in around 90 seconds a lap. Untimed standing recoveries [about 2-3 minutes] so not high quality stuff but pleasing none-the-less. 1.33, 1.31, 1.30, 1.31, 1.34, 1.35 Funny to see watch logging them at 0.26 or 0.27 rather than the usual 0.24 of a mile [is the same bloody 400 metre track lap each time/week.


Day109 OMC 518 miles