So, for sport relief the beloved comedy tranny Eddie Izzard managed to raise over £2 million!! by running 27 marathons in 27 days. Yesterday somehow I managed to run 27 marathons in 27 days in an average of under 4 hours per 26.22 miles [AND still have another 23 marathons to go!]

So today’s marathon was Izzard’s Gizzards. A tougher day as it took miles and miles to get into it today. The suddenly 25C heat didn’t help at all. Luckily I had some company between miles 14 and 20 and that speeded things up considerably. From being 3 minutes slow at halfway I somehow managed to pick up 5 minutes in the second half for 3:58.11 with even managing to reduced the average daily total by a couple of seconds. The next three days however will be slow [heat, hills and this weekend 29 mile runs].

TDC 874 days 9574 miles



So, it gradually starts again. Early morning 8 mile run [6 with Ellie]. Very frosty morning with lots of care needed on the icy pavements. Can’t believe the ultra was only 5 days ago; legs feeling good already [though I’m sure they have no speed in them].

Surprised to learn that apparently Monday was/is called/dubbed ‘Blue Monday’? The “most depressing day of the year”. I guess running an ultra and then having your most prominent DOMS day [48 hours post event usually] coinciding with that day is a pretty cool trick then?  You are simply too concerned with recovery and getting on with it to be depressed. And the next day everything is naturally ‘up’ and you are on to a winner. Maybe the C2C needs to add the tagline ‘Blue Monday Buster’?

TDC 670 days 7434 miles

always on [TDC657]

The toughest challenge with running longer is the need to be pretty much ‘always on’. Certainly ‘down time’ is okay and sometimes even necessary, but getting back to plans when it might be just as nice [definitely easier] to just wrap up warm, stay in, enjoy convivial company, put on weight, is often the hardest thing to do. Even when those plans are BIG plans. Often it is just a case of having to get back out the door and running. Simply being rather bullheaded. Simply battling on with plans until they really start to enthuse you again.

Often it is a good idea [just as with New Year’s resolutions] to force yourself to action though making those plans public! The 50 marathons is now definitely ON. Oh Boy!

Newham Recorder 6th January 2016

Newham Recorder 6th January 2016

Also today a ‘getting back to it’ day which I am glad I did. An early morning 8 miler [6 with Ellie] and another 6 miles after work.

TDC 657 days 7316 miles

fit [TDC655]


Almost every day there seems to be some ‘scare’ story in the papers and science seems to often contradict itself from one breath to the next. Some ‘facts’ however always seem to be rather common sense whatever the sociopolitical reasons that certain groups twist things to suit their aims/beliefs/lifestyles.

Surprised today, when I shouldn’t have been, to find out that the figure we usually assume [3,500 calories = 1lb fat] is incorrect. Or rather it is too generous an estimate. I have long known the other estimate we use 1 mile walked/run = 100 calories is also pretty inaccurate. The ‘rule’ used from this inaccuracy means that 35 miles run = 1lb fat lost [assuming the loss is only fat of course, which it never will be].

The most extremis figures I have found for the two facts is 1lb fat is 3,800 calories and 1 mile covered can be as low as 65 calories. Meaning that 35 miles could becomes 58 miles! Then there is that other great estimation of 2,500 calories a day for a man to maintain his weight [has always seemed too generous in today’s desk job world]. Between all these estimates lies my great little or no weight loss conundrum.

This evening then a gentle 2 mile jog to Run England group and then a walk home after.

TDC 655 days 7300 miles

psych [TDC601]

Yesterday reminded me how much running is a mental activity. I could/should? have easily pushed on through a little amount of physical tiredness to do another 20 mile ish or plus day. But the head was annoyed/miffed/saddened to seem conned by unfairness. A great idea let down, in my opinion. A typical school report of ‘could do much better’.

Of course we all get more or less time to train/commit to running depending on life commitments, which vary from day/week/month to …

Looking at my last few year’s race results though [not that I have really raced that much comparatively over my running years] it is easy with hindsight to see that lack of time or the other usual excuses we often allow ourselves to make, has not been the limiting factor in my progress/achievement.


My ‘sudden’ spike in improvement over the last 10 months to better than over the last 5 years [though being older] has not been down to better training, increased knowledge, better methods, etc but more a gradual return to where I should have been anyway. No, more telling is the drop in performance from the middle of the above graph. Interesting to think where I might have been presently without the mental and emotional turmoil of the 2 years where the huge drop can be observed?

Yes , as the man says “head is where it’s at”.

Today just 10 miles early morning and another 7 miles after work. Weather has turned Arctic.

DAY13 miles
minimum total needed 91
For 600 miles needed 260

TDC 601 days 6289 miles
RTR100 3835/4810 [79]

recovery [TDC422]

Had planned to get up early and try some steps, but rain stopped play this morning. Luckily the big Everest Challenge has been put back a week due to Andre’s work schedule.

Ended up just doing just a gentle 2 mile jog after the evening Run England group; though my legs don’t feel very tired, I have no real pressing drive to run. Will be interesting to see how long it takes my legs to fully recover post 100 miler; as the general rule of thumb of ‘1 day per mile raced’ would mean  over 3 months!? Which doesn’t seem to fit? If however a marathon takes at least 3 weeks then this longer run [even if not at race pace effort] must take longer.


In general after marathon length or longer races, the first week is for recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness. [the old walking down the stairs backwards thang] Weeks 2-4 are for healing damaged muscle fibres. And weeks 5-6 for the complete healing of the endocrine system. Most forget the latter part and start back in perhaps week 3, when their legs feel okay, and then are confused when things fall apart later down the road.

Although I am quite happy to relax at the moment, I will have to tentatively get back to some miles soon, just so as not to fall behind with the TDC target [which is currently about scratch at roughly 4210 miles in 422 days ie 10 miles a day average].

TDC 422 days 4208 miles
RTR70 1754/3360 [36]

need4speed [TDC377]

Not the best of times to do a 1 mile Time Trial [on tired/recovery legs] but I felt in the mood; and it has been ages since I tried one. I had in my book 6.45 as aim point, but after a general warm up I did a half mile more specific warm up and could only comfortably manage 7.30 pace!? I therefore assumed I would struggle to break 7 minutes for the time trial.

Very surprised then to get to 800 metres in 3.19 and finish, whilst speeding up, in 6.32. That’s faster than the same time last year, off of a far harder 3 months. Not exhausted neither. With the extended warm up and cool down miles, an overall easy 6 mile day.


There is serious debate amongst coaches re: Ultra-running and speedwork. Especially at the very short end [below 1 mile]. And whilst it is very reasonable to conclude that 400 metre speed is of little benefit to 100 mile races, it is still nice to mix it up a bit every now and then. I have done no or little interval work for the last two years really, but would like to get back to it proper, post 100 miler next month, albeit rather late in the year [I usually start in March].

Steps Weds, 1 mile TT today, Hills next week; all just warm up tasters rather than really hard work. But back to the quality work next week though.

TDC 377 days 3787 miles
RTR70 1333/3360 [27]