mʌɪl 23

Nice but strange to be back to the longer runs. Boy could the legs feel it! Only 17 miles but with hills. Hamstrings tired now. At least it’s a start.

A new computer means having to reset links/passwords etc pah!

mʌɪl 23 days 70 miles


mʌɪl 17

Nice to get a last mention in the local paper. Seems like a lifetime ago. And still perplexed by how ‘comparatively’ easy it was to accomplish. Perhaps I just planned and trained correctly and ended up doing what it said on the tin? There is no need to finish challenges like a bag of beat up bones [though I guess that makes for a better story]. This year’s challenge, though seemingly nothing to it, will be so much harder.

Only a 3 mile jog this afternoon. I’ll have to get the watch out of ‘retirement’ for 2017.


mʌɪl 17 days 40 miles

[TDC 969]

Now that feels more like it. An early morning 7 mile jog and an evening 5 miles. All very slow and overweight but at least moving again. Still really disappointed to have not got the MMM2016 this year. But time to start thinking about bigger challenges for next year.

TDC 969 days 10491 miles

[TDC 956]

Just a couple of miles jog home after work. I think, though this year’s MMM will be a minimal version, I will do a shorter/longer day kind of attempt, at least for the first week or so. That way I will get in a few mile more than I would otherwise, and I will start to get back to the honest training.

Been way too long since I have run honestly [ie doing the kind of running I feel I should be doing]. It can become all too easy to make excuses about lack of time [even if legitimate] rather than getting up at pre-dawn o’clock to go for a jog.

TDC 956 days 10431 miles

[TDC 952]

Slowest parkrun in over a year!?  Proves you can’t go out till the early hours then expect to have no pay back. Pace seemed pretty comfortable breathing-wise and legs not heavy, but 10.25 at half way meant I relaxed too much the second half. Felt I could have run a Half Marathon at that pace.

TDC 952 days 10407 miles

[TDC 949]

A 4 mile jog this evening [dodging West Ham crowds in the Olympic Park] to leave around 600 miles to do to get to an average of 11 miles per day for 1,000 days by December 16th, when only 10 miles per day was planned. As the annual MMM2016 is a minimum of 465 miles for November, leaving another 140 miles for the remaining 20 days, it should be possible.

TDC 949 days 10391 miles

[TDC 948]

It has been very worthwhile using some ‘free’ time today to try to work out the logistics of the events/challenges I have pencilled in for the next 3 years. More a case of how to fit in everything I’d like to do! And a logical progression in terms of toughness.

To a certain extent, though next year is supposed to be all about the mile, I will need to be very clever about how I can still have some longer training in the mix? Very odd to think in terms of mesocycles that last for years rather than months and a macrocycle of 4 years [now till end of 2020]. Simply Olympian. lol

So, yes, just as with the Thousand Day Challenge and its mini-challenges [some like the 50/50 not so mini] I now have a bigger challenge in mind for 2020 with its own mini-challenges. The fates seemingly demand it! Why? The distance for the 50/50 was 26.2 miles x 50 = 1310 miles total. I just discovered that from the first day post TDC [Saturday 17th December 2016] to Sunday 19th July 2020 is exactly 1310 days!? Pretty much around when school hols begin, giving me 6-7 weeks for an adventure.


This evening a jog to/from evening 10K training for the longest I have run [apart from a Half and Marathon] since end of 50/50. Was I ever really running 10 miles every day even? A week to go till this year’s Movember Milo Miles 2016.

TDC 948 days 10387 miles