mʌɪl 23

Nice but strange to be back to the longer runs. Boy could the legs feel it! Only 17 miles but with hills. Hamstrings tired now. At least it’s a start.

A new computer means having to reset links/passwords etc pah!

mʌɪl 23 days 70 miles


[TDC 948]

It has been very worthwhile using some ‘free’ time today to try to work out the logistics of the events/challenges I have pencilled in for the next 3 years. More a case of how to fit in everything I’d like to do! And a logical progression in terms of toughness.

To a certain extent, though next year is supposed to be all about the mile, I will need to be very clever about how I can still have some longer training in the mix? Very odd to think in terms of mesocycles that last for years rather than months and a macrocycle of 4 years [now till end of 2020]. Simply Olympian. lol

So, yes, just as with the Thousand Day Challenge and its mini-challenges [some like the 50/50 not so mini] I now have a bigger challenge in mind for 2020 with its own mini-challenges. The fates seemingly demand it! Why? The distance for the 50/50 was 26.2 miles x 50 = 1310 miles total. I just discovered that from the first day post TDC [Saturday 17th December 2016] to Sunday 19th July 2020 is exactly 1310 days!? Pretty much around when school hols begin, giving me 6-7 weeks for an adventure.


This evening a jog to/from evening 10K training for the longest I have run [apart from a Half and Marathon] since end of 50/50. Was I ever really running 10 miles every day even? A week to go till this year’s Movember Milo Miles 2016.

TDC 948 days 10387 miles


So that’s that done with; 50 marathons in 50 days in average of 3:57 nice company today and a Half Marathon ‘race’ to finish it all off. Enjoyed a few beers and a pizza afterwards. NEXT.


TDC 897 days 10176 miles


Last marathon in Jersey, on the official marathon route. Had great company for first 5 miles from two runners and then the last 21 miles from my new running buddy Sylvia. Kept me honest at a good clop. So, penultimate marathon done in just under 3:37 and feeling tired but good. Back to London tonight for last day.


TDC 896 days 10150 miles


Muggy day but at least overcast and a bit cooler. Had to work reasonably hard to just get under 3:59 today, so definitely starting to get tired. Only two more to go, though tomorrow is a hilly one. Last one in Jersey so will try see what I have left? average holding at 3:57 and small change, so unless legs fall off I should get the sub 4 hour average overall [as I have around an hour and a half or more in hand].


TDC 895 days 10124 miles


Three to go! Feeling sad; kinda. Now the hard work starts. Feeling a bit tired. Probably more mental than physical? Perhaps just too much sun? A ‘recovery’ marathon day, if there is such a thing? But still quite focussed work needed to do a 3:55 marathon. Nice to have company of some recruiting staff from the local Royal Engineers field squadron for a couple of miles, on their way to the gym.


I’m amazed at how poor my running [if you can call it that anymore?] form has become. So minimal. If I can get around 26.22 miles in under 4 hours with this barely pick my feet up style, day after day, I really wonder what other runners are doing at a slower pace for only one marathon? Doesn’t seem to make much sense.

TDC 894 days 10098 miles


So the numbers are starting to look a bit ‘strange’ as I work towards that big L. Only four to go! Getting to feel a little like I have actually run a marathon now when I complete each day [but so far without the having to go down stairs backwards etc]. A warm 80 lapper again today. It was nice to have company popping in and out, so game back on. Managed 3:45 so that sub 4 hour mark is still a go.


Shame but only now are local ITV/local BBC/local radio/local newspaper getting more interested. I guess they have lots of people claiming to be doing something, but then never getting very far, so I guess they hold off till it looks like you will successfully complete?

Certainly a big first for a channel Islander and I am told ‘low hundreds’ for this kind of thing worldwide. And even less given the pace. Not that I am competing with anyone, just nice to be able to roughly quantify the venture overall.

TDC 893 days 10070 miles