stair climbing

I have used steps as a useful training tool for years [as I live in a hill free area], and I have even taken part in a couple of stair climb events [and worked as a safety man on the Shelter Vertical Rush Tower 42 event for a couple of years; EIGHT times up during the day behind the last runner, once an hour].


In May 2014 a colleague and I tried a challenge to complete, in steps, the same height as Everest [from sea level] between us in one go. We got a little past the height of Kilimanjaro in 7.5 hours of continuous running [30 seconds each alternating] and this, as well as needing to train for safety man duties, reawakened my interest in stair running as challenge rather than just as training. [I completed HALF the Everest climb/descent in 2015 with two other runners completing the other half].

UPDATE: Autumn 2018 a return for a trail attempt [with company] at Conquer Everest before a SOLO attempt in May 2019.

Towards the end of 2014 I joined a stair climbing challenge group on FB and soon found myself as an administrator setting challenges.

Here were some of the challenges for 2015:

The Seven Summits
[highest peaks on each continent].

kilimcaconeverest stepsseven summitsmk

[With the tallest mountain in the world as a Bonus 8th Peak]. Each can be completed individually or all can be completed [and within certain time frames] for the overall 7 summits award.

A Monthly Buildings challenge.

vsccs 2015 Bvsccs 2015 Svsccs 2015 Gvsccs 2015 P

More of a time trial than endurance challenge, based on the number of steps in different buildings around the world. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum badges for completing 3, 6, 9, or all 12 monthly challenges in 2015.

Any time challenges.

shardempireweekeiffel24CN Tower ttimed

A selection of challenges which can be completed over, any time frame / within a month / within a week / within a day / best effort against the clock. These challenges can also be undertaken at specific times as ‘events’ with others.

Distance and Time Goals.

1000 steps1 million stepsheight 10,000ftstairs 1 hour

Step amounts and heights that can be undertaken at any time over any time frame or as specific ‘events’ with others. Duration based stair climbing in hours.


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