Nice relaxing slow 20 miles this morning [18 with viewtube guys]. Including part of the London Marathon course. Great to help some runners to their first 18 milers. Strange to think [albeit slow] 20 miles now feels like a pretty nothing run. That and a 54 mile week now also seems like a ‘lazy’ week, Nice to pass some Good Gym guys near the end of the run and have a chat. We got away with no real rain too, which is always a bonus.


For better or worse I now have a four month training plan pencilled in, to take me to the hopefully faster Marathon at the end of May [sticking to it is another matter]. The trickiest thing has been trying to accommodate several conflicting demands based on the different aims for this year; faster at shorter distances but retaining fitness for multi-day marathoning for this summer.

Of course the shorter stuff will have to remain a lesser priority. The issue is going to be how to retain the stamina I have now built up for multi-day long running, over the next five and a half months, without neither overdoing it nor not doing enough? Unfortunately there is a real lack of information out there for this kind of endeavour.

TDC 680 days 7515 miles


bow [TDC679]


Glad to see that the Bow Flyover/Roundabout area is to be redesigned. Dismayed though to read it might take 10 years till completion!! I guess it is only the building of rather large residential enclaves in this area that has caused this decision? I have never understood why there are no pedestrian crossings at this dangerous junction? Laughing at the ‘artist’s impression’ illustration though. Where are the tower blocks that are already on this corner? Yes, throw in some tree drawings to green up the place if you want people to feel happy about the scheme [they rarely appear in reality].

Jog to parkrun this morning to celebrate our 250th event.

TDC 679 days 7495 miles

Equanimity [TDC677]

“All true but seems to somehow undersell what running is really about?” Of course I realise that there are many, many reasons for running and therefore it is perhaps somewhat ‘snobbish’ to ever suggest that most runners are simply missing the point? I am however pretty sad that most runners will never [perhaps at best rarely] experience the real joy of ‘moving to live’.


That is not to say that every run is some kind of spiritual experience [even enjoyable – either during or after]. Far from it. But it does seem that you have to get to a certain place to feel this ‘zone‘?

This morning a 9 mile run [8 with Ellie, and Lailla] with Andre then another 4 miles after work. Feel like I am being so lazy though.

TDC 677 days 7490 miles

price [TDC676]

Recovery day today at only 4 miles total [lunchtime with QMUL group and to evening Run England group.

Was there ever any doubt that ‘elite’ level sport is not good for you? GOOD of course is a very subjective matter. Plenty of studies have shown what is considered a minimum ‘good’ level for general health and well being. Beyond this level you are interested in different reasons for trying to excel at any given activity [this includes non-physical activities] than ‘health’.

For professional athletes being number one at almost any cost is the name of the game. Certainly there must be a viscous cycle of wanting to be the best but needing to make money so needing to be the best etc. Hence the drug issues and match fixing problems coming to light recently in several sports?

Luckily perhaps for most of us [no matter how passionate we are about our running] the limits of having a fairly ‘normal’ 9-5 life/job precludes any possibility of getting into this kind of tricky territory.


The most difficult question I always find asked is, “why do you run?” I haven’t yet found a suitable answer beyond the banal, easily spouted responses.Health, well-being, sociability, stress-relief, endorphin rush, getting from A to B quicker/more cheaply, blah blah blah. All true but seems to somehow undersell what running is really about?

In a recent interview I said, off the top of my head, “To move is to live.” Sounds like an off the shelf, self-help guru, aphoristic platitude kind of pseudo-Zen soundbite? I realise that for me at least it is probably the closest I’ll get to the ‘an answer’.

TDC 676 days 7477 miles

smile [TDC675]

Today the speedier, shorter stuff was supposed to start, so I could assess my leg recovery so far, and my general fitness level. Yes, the uncomfortable 1 mile time trial, but the rain and blustery wind made it pointless. Here’s hoping the wind will ease so I can try again on Friday after work. Just 3 miles after work [with some short pace pick-ups] and then 8 miles inc leading the Sweatshop 10K in the evening.

Only short distance/track running, but I had never seen this documentary before. A good insight into the dedication needed to succeed. Back when athletics was thought to be golden [at least in achievement terms] and it felt wonderful to be a Brit, and someone that ran, no matter how slowly.

I’ve never raced 1 mile before last year. I know I did a 5 minute mile at the end of a 6 miles in 36.25 training run back when I was 17 years old about 6 months after starting running, but I’ve never been interested in ‘short’ distance really. Straight in at Half Marathon [first race] then Marathon [second race]. To this day my best results tend to be at Half Marathon for some reason?

TDC 675 days 7473 miles

inspiration [TDC674]

I’ve been dipping into “The Cool Impossible” by Eric Orton today. I have to admit that most running books leave me cold. ‘Inspirational’ biography books usually have nothing to say that I haven’t already heard/seen/experienced and ‘how to’ books are usually pitched at so low a level that they contain nothing from which to learn.

I guess that will always be the problem with ‘populist’ books aimed at a general readership [where an author will make most of their money of course]. In general there unfortunately appears to be either a dearth of new adventures to be had or a lack of imagination from commissioning editors? May be the moving image will always come out tops?

Busy working today so only time for a 2 mile jog. Pants! Lovely weather out there too. Already working on plans for next year’s big adventure / challenge. I’ll be giving away a year but I should have plenty of stamina for sure.

TDC 674 days 7462 miles

lox [TDC673]

Nice to get back to the slightly longer running. Only 19 miles with stops and starts. A little bit of an adventure down to Kentish Town Locks with viewtube guys. Got to walk through the 195 year old locks that have been drained for lock gate replacement.

kt lock2 jan 24 2016.jpg

[photo courtesy Marcin Sikorski]

Made myself a deal yesterday; I can eat whatever naughtiness I like today and then ‘nutrition city’ from tomorrow. Typical displacement behaviour, but as long as it works.  I have allowed myself a GBK milkshake every run of 16 miles or more in one go [but not more than once a week]. A bit like the deal you make with teens, “if you can finish the whole cigar without barfing you can take up smoking,” I am already chocolated out.

Started contacting parties to arrange marathon locations for July onwards. All getting real now. Some interesting ideas are forming; I have to be honest I hadn’t really thought about exact locations before now. What fun.

TDC 673 days 7460 miles