London [TDC685]

Well I am excited to say that unless anything goes terribly wrong I will be running my first London Marathon in Apr after 33 years of running marathons! I have been asked to be a guide runner for a Canadian who is coming over and running for charity. To be completely honest the fact that it is the London Marathon doesn’t excite me much [I know, sacrilege to some] really. The fact it is guiding a marathon does.

Had to laugh though when I received the request, “are you marathon fit?” Had to resist the temptation to reply, “24/7/365”. As it wouldn’t have been entirely true perhaps? Not quite 365 anyway.

Today just a 3 mile jog after work before the evening Run England session. I have to laugh that now 65 mile weeks feel like I am being as lazy as a dead dog.


 TDC 685 days 7555 miles


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