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50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes




10 miles this morning pacing the longer run [whilst most did a Half Marathon instead]. Still continues the barely running streak of the last 6 months, but at least a couple of weeks of moving. 52105057_10161537770655637_2160986823315161088_n.jpg

61 miles

Feb already

It should be easy to run more this month than last; as I only run for two weeks out of four last month. Started this year even slower than in 2018, but at least that means things can only get better.



Nice to be tentatively back to some ‘proper’ running after 3 weeks off and on with flu type stuff. Feeling very unfit and slow but an 8 miler this morning is a good start.

27 miles