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50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes



so a day

So a day has arrived [I can’t say a big day] that I’ve know about for a year but not one I imagined would turn out this way. It is the annual Spitfire Scramble event. Usually we go up en-masse to take part put no one seemed that interested this year; only two teams.

I thought I may as well go and support them but at the last minute I did something [let’s find out later exactly what?] …. So here I am with very little running in my legs for over a year, nothing beyond a 10 mile run in the last 3 months, and I am a few hours away from a 24 hour event.


Of course it will be just a fun, make it up as you go along kind of thing but one never wants to waste money. So 10 miles? 100K? 100 miles? What will happen before Sunday lunchtime? An experiment follows. It will most likely turn into a walking eat. And given the up to 30 degrees temperature this weekend.



A 12 mile total run – longest in a month. This coming weekend will be VERY interesting given

  • The likely heat.
  • That I haven’t run longer than 10 miles in the last 4 months.
  • That I haven’t run a marathon even in 15 months.

Kill or cure – just as an experiment.

Day190 OMC 707 miles


Nice to see guys at training after yesterday’s effort. Great that ladies got a 3rd place finish overall given that we were only there as a fun run.


Jog to training for me.

Day186 OMC 690 miles


A fun, social little jog around the Olympic park as part of a 5K x4 relay event. Nice to have 8 teams involved [plus other members as part of works teams]. Ladies team finished 3rd overall  – a surprise given we were all there just for fun.

Only managed 25 minutes myself [shameful] but I had been on my feet all day, given that I was there in the morning with pupils from school at the Velopark doing their own 1 mile effort – that I had to pace a faster pupil.


Day185 OMC 687 miles