completed in an average time of 3:57.02

50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes


[TDC 918]

Found myself running a Half Marathon this morning at the last second. Kept it to a paced ‘time trial’ to assess my legs for next week’s marathon. Cardio absolutely no problem; didn’t feel like I was even moving hardly. Legs on the other hand were a bit tired, especially the quads from the faster 5K yesterday. Still, aimed for 95 minutes and got 1:35.32 so the pacing was spot on at least. Depending on hills and flat bits on route, the miles were between 7.30 and 7.02

I suspect next week will be a war of attrition with my lungs saying ‘you’re not trying very hard’ and my legs saying ‘ouch ouch we can’t move any faster’? All good fun no matter.

TDC 918 days 10265 miles

[TDC 917]

Run to parkrun to drop off keys then on to another parkrun to try a 5K faster effort [20.35] then back to parkrun to process results then home. 11 miles with stops; farthest I have run in a day in 3 weeks. Nice to run faster, but made the mistake of following others after the first mile, when their pace had slowed. Overall it didn’t feel that flat out, so I think I could have sub 20ed.

A few more miles next week before a faster marathon effort next weekend, then back to the training plan for the Autumn.

TDC 917 days 10252 miles

[TDC 916]

Another jog home from work. Nice to start the kids running at school again with after school club.

Interested to find info about Terry Hitchcock’s 75 marathons in 75 days at the age of 57 [no idea yet how long each marathon took though?] in 2010. Will compare with Ray Matthew’s recent 75/75 at 75 years old. I believe we are all designed for this kind of thing and that after a certain amount of training we can all cover the distance. It’s all in the pace however.

TDC 916 days 10241 miles

[TDC 915]

Ran a couple of miles really early this morning. Seems the way things might have to go for a while given time pressures. I have a faster marathon to run in a few days anyway, so no training will help for that now.

Interested to see an article in the paper yesterday about an attempt to live on a budget of £20 for food each week. The author didn’t seem to be really trying that hard [he failed big time]. Perhaps that is my trick to get more focussed on my diet going forward?

TDC 915 days 10238 miles

[TDC 914]

Another post work jog home only. Nice to get a final mention for the 50/50 in the local paper. Old news now. Did I even do it? Feels like years ago, not just over 2 weeks since finishing.


Not hyperbole; it genuinely felt like I could have gone on and on. Not sure for how long at the sub 4 hour level though? Will have to find out next time. 75/75 seems to be the next big multi-day marathon challenge worth trying? Gives me some time to train then.

TDC 914 days 10236 miles

[TDC 913]

An 8 mile day and it feels like nothing. The guys did well at the weekend on their ‘jog’ marathon off of no long runs over the Summer at all. The Autumn season starts soon. Can’t wait.


TDC 913 days 10232 miles

[TDC 912]

Just the jog home from work today. Not sure I can call running ‘recovery’ any more? Merely no time to do more. That said if the rule of thumb for recovery after a single marathon is 4-6 weeks then at only 2 weeks  after 50 of them? Need to get out and try some speed before it drives me mental.

TDC 912 days 10224 miles