50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes



So, is it possible to have a reverse anxiety dream? I woke myself up last night, laughing. I dreamt that Garmin got in touch to say there was a glitch with my watch’s software and that I hadn’t been running 26.22 miles each day for the last five weeks, only a mere 24.22 miles. I guess the laughter means I would be okay with that?

Horribly hot day starting at 31C and dropping to 26C by the end. Took a nasty tumble after 4 miles [my right knee seems to be a bash magnet] and gave myself second degree burns on my palms. Falling on a cinder path even at a modest pace is like being thrown onto coarse sandpaper. At least it gave me something to think about for a few miles, trying to apply pressure to the palms of my hands with my fingers to stop the slow seep bleeding. I wasn’t going to stop for anything!

Had decided beforehand [no pun intended] to have an easier day anyway due to a faster previous day and the heat wave, so I was happy to complete in a much more modest 3:58.16, which still means the average overall time is an okay 3:56.27

TDC 885 days 9861 miles


Warmish at start and right shin was a bit tight on those first 4 warm up miles I seem to get everyday now. Nice to run on a track again though and had great company tonight on a day when the recovery has been longer [Sunday to Monday run is longest recovery at 28 hours] but surprised myself with a 3:25:51 without seeming to put in very much more effort than usual? Might have been the Island Games athlete company or might have been the psychology of running on the track?

Supposed to be hot tomorrow so I can ‘gift’ myself a slow hilly one? LOL Still have legs anyway.


pre run Mr Happy lol


TDC 884 days 9835 miles


Only two weeks to go! Nice 10K ‘race’ to start and then another 3 laps and a bit. Lovely to have company for the first 20 miles then a mate on bike for last 10K. 3:45.09 on a warmish day. Average continues to drop.


Only noticed afterwards that I think the race organisers gave me number 50 on purpose? Nice touch.

TDC 883 days 9809 miles


Saturday must mean parkrun day; can’t avoid that even in Jersey now. Nice to run the Jersey parkrun again, in a sensibly paced 4 hour marathon kind of start pace. Carried on for a farther 13 laps off the 1500m track before my mind rebelled today, and I had to go ‘off course’. Made it a little harder not being so flat but at least I got a nice long downhill before the rather warm final 3 mile slog along the front.

Weatherman had said ‘high winds and heavy rain’, but I only got the high winds towards the end and rather warmer temperatures than expected for the rest of the run. Still, managed another faster than I should be doing 3:48.50 and therefore brought the average daily time down to a decent so far 3:57.45 so I can’t complain just yet.

Tomorrow will be interesting with a 10K ‘race’ to start and then repeated laps and some small change at the end. Only two weeks to go with five weeks done, somehow!?


TDC 882 days 9783 miles


Interview on local BBC news from Monday’s marathon day 30. The first back in Jersey.

WOW! I look so animated. Surprised I had the strength. Have only seen without sound.

Today a muggy but overcast day and plenty of laps. Had a bit more company for a few miles here and there, which certainly helps more than people realise. Legs somewhat tired from the inclines yesterday but for some reason I appear to be a runner that more often than not does not mind laps. Crazy pace though; 10 minutes faster than the fastest so far at 3:36.40 so gonna hurt tomorrow on the hills!

Tried out the new shoes, as I reasoned that I could stop at any lap if there was a problem. Seem okay so far. Only 17 marathons to go.

 TDC 880 days 9731 miles


Another warm day but gratefully overcast. About 7 miles of gradual [or not so gradual] inclines and tired legs meant that although the 4 hour mark was still within reach another sub 3:50 would have required too much work. Still a 3:56.21 will more than do. Mustn’t get ‘greedy’ now. Nice to again have a bit of company for some of the miles; especially up the hilly bits.


Edging closer to that magic 10, 000 miles and well before the 1,000 days are up. Now 2/3 the way through the 50/50 challenge. Hard to believe.

TDC 879 days 9705 miles