completed in an average time of 3:57.02

50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes



big fat myth

Many will be up in arms I am sure at this scientific study. Anything that doesn’t fit in with the populist view these days is seen as ‘controversial’. Certainly being overweight and exercising is better than just being overweight? But to try to silence any debate on population health and links to weight is simply foolhardy.

Most of us in the so called western, developed world struggle with our weight [largely through lifestyle choices and constraints] and having larger bodies as positive role models can be a good thing, but to suggest that these are ideals [within the overall differences in human physiques] is bizarre.



6 mile jog early morning.  Nice to be back to the running. That’s now 10 runs in 2 weeks [14 days] so not a bad start back; including two 1 mile timed runs. Mileage for the year still pretty meagre but at least it is a start.



One of those days when you start out feeling a bit sluggish but very quickly feel great. Decided to do an impromptu mile timed run just for fun/interest. Surprised self [starting pace much more modest than last week’s 1 mile] at knocking off 10 seconds to at least be sub 7 minutes again. 4.5 mile run in total.


ouch Not really that surprising that the ‘debate’ about weight and health continues. Makes me mad this modern pc attitude to bodies and the way the are supposed to be. There are all types of bodies, yes, but there are healthy limits to those bodies. The big thing in the last couple of years is so called ‘body shaming’.  Please! Don’t talk to me about body shaming.


Just a slow 10K with the guys tonight. Lovely to help an older runner getting back to their running; first 10K in over 10 years.

healthy towns

Great idea. Free cinema tickets, sports equipment and bikes if you exercise more. But only if you will be in one of the new healthy towns it looks like?


I think it went all wrong when compulsory archery practice was no longer enforced [the law may have been repealed in the 1840s?] Though of course back then people worked hard for a living anyway.


Wow. Looks like I am slowly becoming a runner again? Another early morning run 5 miles with a mile time trial in the middle. Not dissatisfied with time of 7.07 off of no speedwork and being very overweight. Didn’t know where to pitch pace at start so was increasing speed throughout which suggests I could have gone a little faster? 1/4s in 1.52, 1.46, 1.42, 1.39

My new target will have to be to try to go sub 6 minutes before the beginning of 2018. Also looks like this week will end up being the highest mileage week so far this year!? Ridiculous but true. At least it is a start.