completed in an average time of 3:57.02

50 Marathons in 50 Days
17 July –  4 September

Unreal! First off, I admire you greatly for taking on this formidable challenge
Dean Karnazes




Strange morning. Pretty cold and had only intended to have another recovery day but … turned into a mini interval day. The faster mile was out as the regular route is being dug up so the new part of the route which will be used for 400 metre repeats was checked out. A little long on the first 0.28 and a little short on the next three 0.23 but all were 6.24 a mile pace [or under] efforts, with untimed rests [about 2 minutes]. Certainly felt it; quads gave up at 300 metres each time. Still, a good start at the shorter hard efforts, on tired legs.


To think only a couple of years ago I would do 400 x16 in 90 seconds with 60 seconds rest. Today I’d call 400 x4 in 96 seconds with 120 seconds rest. A long way to go.

Day52 OMC 243 miles


Bailed on the faster mile this morning [will have to do later in week] as quads rather tired still. I did manage to go out for a 5 mile jog in the evening though. Sometimes you are just below par.

Day51 OMC 238 miles

week 8

Legs a bit stiff today from yesterday’s hills. Just an early 2 mile jog to loosen them up. Will be very interesting what happens tomorrow for this week’s faster mile? I can always try one and if terrible can try again later in the week?

Certainly a while till I get to this.

Day50 OMC 233 miles


Eek! 20 miles and with about 1600ft of climb, not bad for a flatlander. Legs certainly tired now. Last hill at 19 miles was a killer. Would have been quicker to walk.


Day49 OMC 231 miles


A 5 mile recovery jog to/from parkrun this morning. It was also ‘get on the scales’ morning as well. I started the year well but this last couple of weeks hasn’t been too disciplined. Still I have lost 7lbs in the last seven weeks so could be worse.

Day48 OMC 211 miles

Mile 7

In some ways, as I try to get back to what I regard as a reasonable level of fitness, it is very depressing to note the state of things in world [developed West?] in terms of health and fitness. Thinking about yesterday’s post on HIIT, undisputedly some/any form of activity is better than none however …. I am not sure whether to be extremely depressed at what is regarded as an adequate level of activity [5 minutes of HITT a couple of time a week] or more perhaps a level that most will be prepared to do? Or to be insulted by such a low standard?

Time [lack of] is a huge concern and limiting factor for all of us in the modern world but … really!?

This morning was always going to be interesting given three days off from running [yes when you get back to daily running a couple of days with none feels like forever] would the ‘rest’ be of benefit or would the lack of running be a bad thing?

A bad thing.

I could only manage 7.13 [it was a bit windy straight in the face] running alone for only the second faster mile this year. Felt very ‘flat’ though it’s still the second fastest of the year. Pace a lot more even. Strangely it was slightly faster at half way, suggesting it was the lack of speed up in the second half that lost the time today? In fact I can see I lost 10 seconds on the last 400 metres!? No wonder I caught my breathe so quickly on finishing. Overall disappointing.


Day44 OMC 194 miles

week 7 HIIT

I hate it when you are played for a fool! I never watch TV but I thought there might be something from BBC who came to film recently at our parkrun about fitness. What did I find?

I SIX YEAR’S OLD rebranded NEW research programme on fitness.

This HIIT 2 minutes exercise a week [not it isn’t you forgot the warm and cool down] was part of an Horizon program in 2012 with the same presenter. BBC needs to save cash but must think we are stupid?

HIIT is nothing new!!
The Canadian RAF 5BX scheme has been around since the 1950s [5 minutes of high energy exercise three times a week] and the book sold MILLIONS of copies over the last 60+ years.

Fitness is also about more than just lowering heart rate and cardio [strength, stamina, flexibility etc]

BAD science for the inactive.


Been under the weather a couple of days [throat] which has messed up the training but hope to get back to everyday running at about 50 miles a week and keep it there for the rest of February; this year roughly 20, 30, 30, 40, 40, and would have been another 40 miles a week, so a sensible progression [but one which shows the importance of the long run mileage if things are too waited that way].

Day43 OMC 191 miles