mʌɪl 23

Nice but strange to be back to the longer runs. Boy could the legs feel it! Only 17 miles but with hills. Hamstrings tired now. At least it’s a start.

A new computer means having to reset links/passwords etc pah!

mʌɪl 23 days 70 miles


mʌɪl 18

So Jan-Mar is the foundation block of training for this year. Aims: build up to 20 mile long runs every other week and 10-14 mile faster paced medium runs the weeks in between. Two speedwork sessions a week, one short 400m repeats the other 800-1000m efforts. Alternate hill repeat and tempo run each week. A mile time trial every week. Incorporate stair climbing as strength work. Lift some light weights. Drop some body fat.

This morning then a 6 mile run with a mile time trial. This evening another 6 mile trot to stretch legs.

mʌɪl 18 days 52 miles

[TDC 919]

Taking it easy after yesterday’s faster run [with a marathon to try to ‘sprint’ through in six days time] but looks like time will only allow Mondays to be a jog home from work at best from now on? A 3 mile day!? Seems so utterly bizarre.

TDC 919 days 10268 miles

[TDC 918]

Found myself running a Half Marathon this morning at the last second. Kept it to a paced ‘time trial’ to assess my legs for next week’s marathon. Cardio absolutely no problem; didn’t feel like I was even moving hardly. Legs on the other hand were a bit tired, especially the quads from the faster 5K yesterday. Still, aimed for 95 minutes and got 1:35.32 so the pacing was spot on at least. Depending on hills and flat bits on route, the miles were between 7.30 and 7.02

I suspect next week will be a war of attrition with my lungs saying ‘you’re not trying very hard’ and my legs saying ‘ouch ouch we can’t move any faster’? All good fun no matter.

TDC 918 days 10265 miles

[TDC 903]

Nice to be back on parkrun RD duty again this morning. Only a broken 4 mile jog today. Back still sore. A huge disappointment today. Perhaps the scales need recalibrating? I know I have allowed myself a food free for all this last 6 days since 50/50 completion but? A weight loss of 8lbs from 1,310 miles of running! Meaning I am still heavier than after last November’s MMM2016 after covering a mere 750 miles!?


TDC 903 days 10191 miles