[TDC 910]

So just a 4 mile jog to parkrun duties this morning. Even more confused. I have allowed myself another week of ‘free’ eating. Haven’t gone crazy on the cakes but I have been eating ‘naughty’ food. Could be down to less cups of tea in the stomach when stepping on scales, but this morning I weighed 1lb less than I did last Saturday morning!? Given I am running next to nothing mileage this makes no sense at all? I thought I would have put on a few lbs, so not complaining.

weight 170916.jpg

TDC 910 days 10219 miles


bugs [TDC772]

Well I haven’t stepped on a pair of scales for a while but I am certain I am still very heavy; going on the old trouser tightness test. So today I officially become a carrot cruncher. It seems to be the only way I can curb my chocolate addiction. Whenever I feel like a nibble I’ll just have to reach for that orange Bugs Bunny food. I might still be able to get to low ’11 stone something’ before kick off time?


Today only time for a gentle 3 mile run; which is extremely annoying when you feel like running for miles and miles and instead you have to settle for ‘recovery’.

TDC 772 days 8450 miles

pledge [TDC672]

A jog to/from parkrun duties this morning and a couple of reflective miles walked after. Up to 45 runs [I have been doing far more parkruns in the last 6 months than I usually do – usually on volunteering duty] but I will miss my 50 t-shirt in under 5 years by a few weeks now. No matter, I’ll aim for before the 5th anniversary of Wanstead Flats.

weight 230116.jpg

On those scales today and I’ll admit I am low level annoyed to have put on 4 lbs. Only low level as I suspected and anticipated the gain given the recovery weeks since the New Year; and that the first two weeks of 2016 were in some ways [running wise at least] the equivalent of my Xmas break.

I simply now have to get a handle on my nutrition asap. The lighter I am the better chance I have to good-for-age for a London Marathon place at the marathon in May, but more importantly for this Summer, the lighter I am the less strain on the joints during the multi-day marathoning.

I will therefore be 1 stone less come the end of May. Might actually be my biggest challenge this year? Certainly it will see me at my lowest weight in 20 years.

TDC 672 days 7441 miles

fit [TDC655]


Almost every day there seems to be some ‘scare’ story in the papers and science seems to often contradict itself from one breath to the next. Some ‘facts’ however always seem to be rather common sense whatever the sociopolitical reasons that certain groups twist things to suit their aims/beliefs/lifestyles.

Surprised today, when I shouldn’t have been, to find out that the figure we usually assume [3,500 calories = 1lb fat] is incorrect. Or rather it is too generous an estimate. I have long known the other estimate we use 1 mile walked/run = 100 calories is also pretty inaccurate. The ‘rule’ used from this inaccuracy means that 35 miles run = 1lb fat lost [assuming the loss is only fat of course, which it never will be].

The most extremis figures I have found for the two facts is 1lb fat is 3,800 calories and 1 mile covered can be as low as 65 calories. Meaning that 35 miles could becomes 58 miles! Then there is that other great estimation of 2,500 calories a day for a man to maintain his weight [has always seemed too generous in today’s desk job world]. Between all these estimates lies my great little or no weight loss conundrum.

This evening then a gentle 2 mile jog to Run England group and then a walk home after.

TDC 655 days 7300 miles

secund [TDC651]

This morning a jog to/from Wanstead Flats for a 7 mile day. I missed the parkrun start by 10 minutes due to slow and tired legs! Still I’m at 44 runs so I am now on target [if I run rather than volunteer for the next 6 weeks] to get my 50th parkrun in under 5 years. Just! It was good to have some strong hands to help move a fallen tree that has been an obstacle on the course for the last 8 weeks.


So with one year ended and another beginning it is always good to have some little reflection time to figure out what went well and what ‘not so’.

Happy with 2015
7 marathons in 7 days in 3:43 average [my first multi-day race]
Four 200+ mile weeks [208 Feb, 204 Mar, 223 Nov, 216 Dec]
752 miles in November [for a successful MMM2015]
Sub 20 minutes for 5K in Oct [a now rarely raced distance]
4810 miles for the year [a record by a huge amount]
Twice around Jersey for a rocky 96 miles in 22 hours
Going over 50 miles for the Dawn to Dusk Ultra in Dec
Leading a team of 8 to 2nd place in a 24 hour relay
Encouraging so many talented runners to up their game in 2015
Losing some bloody weight! [7 llbs]

‘Not so’ 2015
Not quite going sub 6 minutes for the mile [I should be 5.40]
Not doing so many Goodgym volunteering sessions/missions
Not quite getting back under 1:30 for the Half Marathon
Not completing the Everest stair challenge solo
Failing to keep up the stair climbing sessions after June
Not organising many running events
Not encouraging more runners to up their game
Not seeming able to lose much bloody weight!?

Aims 2016
50 marathons in 50 days.
ALL in under 4 hours?
Successfully complete the Thousand Day Challenge
Successfully complete MMM2016
Sub 6 minute mile
Organise more running events
Encouraging more runners [esp at longer distance]
Lose some bloody weight!?
Get back to some weight training
Get back to some stair climbing training

TDC 651 days 7279 miles

weight a minute [TDC621]

Tried to get on the scales again today, to report over the MMM2015 lost lbs, but they were switched off just as yesterday. I know the weight has to be going this year as the work trousers are getting looser, but I need to get a figure soon before it starts creeping up again over Xmas!

I had no need to get around speedily today so walked probably 4 miles but only jogged 2 miles [no I am not running the dates in December]. Two 7.30 am lie ins have seemed very strange. At least it’s good to know that the longer running is unlikely to be doing any real harm, despite the scare stories you often read about from the uneducated, headline loving, mainstream press. I mean, your brain probably shrinks 6% after a heavy night on the pop? And a 3,000 mile event is hardly standard even for ultra runners.


TDC 621 days 6755 miles
RTR100 4301/4810 [89]


A relaxed eating Bank Hol but now back to the grindstone nutrition-wise. A mere 2lbs a month should be more than achievable with some little attention? I simply have to be as structured with the eating as with the running. First stop by end of Sept then 11st 12lbs.

Just the jog to/from Sweatshop and 10K leading today [forgot to turn off watch during tea break], as an easy 10 mile recovery day.

TDC 528 days 5247 miles
RTR100 2793/4810 [58]