[TDC 983]

On steroids for the ear. Leaving me dizzy, drowsy and disoriented. So much gunk coming out the left ear. Yuck.


It seems that several athletes are now having their medals upped to Gold, following the demotion / elimination of other now failed drug tests athletes. All seems rather daft. Medal shuffling. We all saw the awards ceremonies and know who received the Gold medals. You have to catch the cheats BEFORE they compete not after!

TDC 983 days 10512 miles


[TDC 976]

That’s the third time in a week that my Garmin watch has logged my running time but not the distance or route!? This model seems to go on ‘inside’ mode but then doesn’t capture satellites when you come outside. Bit of a flaw if you turn on your watch before coming out side. Doesn’t function well then as a normal watch.

TDC 976 days 10510 miles

[TDC 971]

Only time to look after the evening session tonight and a slow 3 miles. It is going to be a ‘so close but no cigar’ situation for the TDC. Or at least the extended challenge of 11 miles a day average rather than 10 miles a day. Only about 500 miles , which I could do in the time remaining if I had the time each day to run for 3-4 hours. Unfortunately I don’t! Life sucks sometimes.

TDC 971 days 10494 miles

[TDC 967]

The craziest thought crossed my head today whilst marshalling at the QEOP Great Run Local. Not the sort of thing I used to ponder. You trained a few months, ran your Marathon, recovered and repeated some time later. I guess lots of multi-day marathons have left me spoilt? By which I mean you end up believing you should be able to fall out of bed any old day and be able to run 26.2 miles. After all it isn’t exactly far.


It being that it is now a whole SIX WEEKS since I have run one! LMAO Just a little 4 mile jog this morning to assess my recovery from flu. Heavy and slow but seem okay. Will up my game from tomorrow.

TDC 967 days 10477 miles

[TDC 966]

First run in 5 days. Felt like lead. Bloody cold and wet morning at parkrun duties. Have to decide what to do with the remaining days of the TDC. This year’s MMM well blown. I could go crazy apeshit and push hard for still getting 11,000 miles in 1,000 days?  527 miles in only 34 days? I could also push for getting to 4,000 miles for this year? About 800 miles in 49 days? Nothing would have been in question a couple of months ago. But seems a bit too much given my work commitments at present.


Whatever the decision it’s time to wrap up warm and get to it!

TDC 966 days 10473 miles