mʌɪl 18

So I went out for a 1 mile time trial today to set the start mark for the year. It will take a while for my short speed to get activated. Looking at predication formula my 5K, 10K and Half Marathon times are roughly as expected, with Marathon just a little slow but 1 Mile very much slower than expected? Not surprising I guess given my training the last 2 years.

First steps then:
Get back to regular running. A weekly speed session. Lose weight!!


Today’s time was of course extremely slow given my recent inaction, huge weight gain and lack of speed training. Can’t get any worse. A few seconds faster than 10 days ago and seemed somewhat easier. Breathing and legs not a issue so is simply down to lack of speed stamina. Strangely, I did a warm up 800m at 6.50 pace and thought I would perhaps be able to do 6.40 for the mile; just shows how important speed stamina is [800m in 3.31 and 3.36]. 6 miles AM. A bit icy; makes you feel very worthy.

This evening I trotted another 6 miles as a stretch out. Was I really running an average of 10 miles a day for nearly 3 years!?

mʌɪl 18 days 52 miles


[TDC 949]

A 4 mile jog this evening [dodging West Ham crowds in the Olympic Park] to leave around 600 miles to do to get to an average of 11 miles per day for 1,000 days by December 16th, when only 10 miles per day was planned. As the annual MMM2016 is a minimum of 465 miles for November, leaving another 140 miles for the remaining 20 days, it should be possible.

TDC 949 days 10391 miles



Well that was a l-o-n-g day, which started when I got up to go and RD at Wanstead Flats yesterday morning. Started running at just after midnight this morning, down to the strand to meet up with about 40 other runners who were planning to run the London Marathon route in reverse. A 20 minute banana milk fuel up on the Strand after 7 miles before we walked over to Bird Cage Walk to start our run.

reverse 2016.jpg

A nice gentle marathon jog in the light rain [getting quite cold in the last hour] to arrive up at Blackheath in 4.30 ish time and 34 miles done. Giving 15 minutes to get over to the Blue Start for gig 2 of the day, managing the Baggage Volunteers from viewtube/wanstead flats parkrun. A nice couple of hours ‘rest’ doing that and a couple of cups of tea and a peanut butter bagel, before heading over to the Red Start to meet my visually impaired runner for gig 3 of the day. Guide running.


It was a real pleasure to help Canadian athlete E.J. Scott [who is attempting to run a marathon on each continent in 2016] around the course, on what after 32 years is amazingly my first London Marathon. A very interesting experience to guide on such a large event. Happy to have helped E.J. get around 20 minutes faster than he expected. A long but rewarding 60 mile day.


TDC 764 days 8371 miles


Lovely Sunday morning, jog down to Greenwich and a couple of slow hill repeats before heading to the London Marathon baggage managers’ meeting. Great to catch up with viewtube runners doing marathons next Sunday and those now entering final training for the Hackney Half marathon in 3 weeks time.

Still can’t believe I am running the London Marathon next week; after 32 years of not running it. Guiding / pacing E. J. Scott who is attempting to run a marathon on each of the seven continents this year.

TDC 757 days 8275 miles



Only a 3 mile jog this morning to an interview for the local paper re: the 50 marathons this summer, but another little jog in the evening on the beach. Weather really warm today. The beaches are nice this time of year, before the grockles arrive; but am I a half grockle now I live off island most of the time? An expat when in London? Back to the mainland tomorrow early morning and it’s all systems go.

TDC 751 days 8239 miles

three quarters [TDC750]

Well 3/4 the way there; time-wise anyway. Still just over 700 miles ahead of minimum mileage needed schedule, so unless anything disastrous happens I should certainly successfully complete the 10,000 miles in 1,000 days part of the overall challenge. Depends though on how much time I might need out after the 50 marathons?


Today a nice easy 7 mile jog with my father then a low key local 10K ‘race’. Then another couple of miles as a cool down afterwards. The wind was force 6 which is apparently only’ strong breeze’ ho ho. All I know is the effort was constant, but I was doing 6.30 a mile one way and 7.30 a mile the other way, on an out and back course. Real fun.

TDC 750 days 8232 miles


Another slightly longer day at 21 miles on the London Marathon course. Turned out quite a warm day. Nose really bunged up since last night which was a pain. Caught the sun! Mileage effortlessly over 100 miles this week, which bodes well. Now to keep it at that level for a few weeks. I can’t believe that in a week’s time the TDC will be 3/4 done.


Now some serious rest till Tues and an all day treadmill running challenge with Andre and John Lewis staff. If I can stop sneezing and sleep though the thunder!

TDC 743 days 8153 miles