[TDC 965]

Should be able to get out tomorrow at last. Seems to have turned pretty cold. I feel like I have put on 2 stone in weight.


Laughing today at this animation. Yes it seems my long distance running style is closer to walking. Apart from the hip wiggle. Very interesting to see the two forms compared side by side this way.

TDC 965 days 10469 miles


ill [TDC 961]


Always strikes me as the weirdest thing. You run mega miles for months and not even a sniff. You take it easy and you come down with a nasty bug!?

TDC 961 days 10469 miles

mʌɪl 18

So I went out for a 1 mile time trial today to set the start mark for the year. It will take a while for my short speed to get activated. Looking at predication formula my 5K, 10K and Half Marathon times are roughly as expected, with Marathon just a little slow but 1 Mile very much slower than expected? Not surprising I guess given my training the last 2 years.

First steps then:
Get back to regular running. A weekly speed session. Lose weight!!


Today’s time was of course extremely slow given my recent inaction, huge weight gain and lack of speed training. Can’t get any worse. A few seconds faster than 10 days ago and seemed somewhat easier. Breathing and legs not a issue so is simply down to lack of speed stamina. Strangely, I did a warm up 800m at 6.50 pace and thought I would perhaps be able to do 6.40 for the mile; just shows how important speed stamina is [800m in 3.31 and 3.36]. 6 miles AM. A bit icy; makes you feel very worthy.

This evening I trotted another 6 miles as a stretch out. Was I really running an average of 10 miles a day for nearly 3 years!?

mʌɪl 18 days 52 miles

[TDC 941]

So, not having been in this position before I’ll need to seek some advice [so little research out there]. It is generally accepted that VO2 max measurements will start to drop after a mere two weeks of inactivity [hence the recommended maximum ‘holiday’ from running if possible].

Long distance stamina takes a long time to build up but then also a long time to disappear. After a year of inactivity though, even Olympians return to ‘man in the street’ levels of fitness. The fitter you have been though, the faster you regain a higher level. Your body remembers.

Of course this has limits. As you age [especially as veteran/masters runners] you are unlikely to regain the same level without extra work then before. Everyone has those magic seasons where everything goes right and PBs abound. Thank god for age-grading; allowing continued progress no matter the weather.

My question though is this: Having progressed to a certain fitness peak by the end of the 50/50 effort, how long will it be before that fitness is lost now that I [unavoidable unfortunately] have to return to more ‘normal’ levels of running? Or looking from the other side: How much of the fitness can I retain and by what means?

TDC 941 days 10359 miles

[TDC 933]

I guess I am going to have to get used to the fact that at least three days a week will now cover no more than 3-6 miles each day, and at jogging pace only. Seems so pitiful, but that is all that time allows. The rest of the mileage therefore can however be higher quality/pace than it has been for most of the last 18 months. At least something to look forward to.

Autumn training season starts next week, so time to set some tough targets for the next 6 months:

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
1 mile 6 sub 6 5.45
5K 20 19.45 19.29
10k 40
1/2 M 1.27
Mara 3.10
50 miles 8H

TDC 933 days 10327 miles

stats week THREE

day run time moving avg time
1 03:57.36 03:54.36 03:57.36
2 03:59.56 03:56.59 03:58.46
3 04:00.09 03:56.31 03:59.13
4 04:35.12 04:26.01 04:08.13
5 04:07.04 04:01.46 04:07.59
6 04:05.14 04:02.16 04:07.32
7 04:06.58 04:00.01 04:07.27
8 03:59.22 03:56.19 04:06.26
9 03:57.23 03:54.26 04:05.26
10 03:59.37 03:56.57 04:04.51
11 03:46.37 03:44.10 04:03.11
12 03:58.43 03:56.48 04:02.49
13 03:53.17 03:50.24 04:02.05
14 03:58.58 03:56.58 04:01.52
15 03:58.57 03:57.45 04:01.40
16 04:09.45 04:07.12 04:02:10
17 03:59.46 03:55.48 04:02:02
18 03:56.24 03:54.32 04:01:43
19 03:58.40 03:53.30 04:01:33
20 03:54.06 03:50.36 04:01:11
21 03:58.42 03:55.38 04:01:04

Average time is calculated from total run time [which includes toilet/water stops etc] Moving time is only included for interest.


An interesting map showing the general locations of the London 50/50 marathons. Hardly seems to cover any ground at all. Mostly in east London of course. Who wants to waste time commuting every day.

Another miserable ‘non-running’ day. I need one of those stand-run work stations at home. That or a hamster wheel. Strange how you start to see them everywhere after that news-piece a couple of weeks ago about the gent that was aiming to run on a home made one for 24 hours. I even now recall the film Oblivion had a high tech one.

TDC 804 days 8645 miles