[TDC 919]

Taking it easy after yesterday’s faster run [with a marathon to try to ‘sprint’ through in six days time] but looks like time will only allow Mondays to be a jog home from work at best from now on? A 3 mile day!? Seems so utterly bizarre.

TDC 919 days 10268 miles


dame [TDC753]

Got around to seeing the Kelly Holmes prog on TV.  Have to say it was very disappointing. Hardly even mentioned marathon running until 21 minutes in, out of 29 minutes, and then extremely cursory. I hope she raises shed loads of dosh for charity as aimed, but for someone that has been such a high level athlete and who claims to know the importance of “sport should be about creating role models”, the admission that she only decided to do and start training for the London Marathon in January of this year does her no favours and sets a very bad example for other less capable runners. Epidurals to ease inflamed hips?? Yes, that’s within the reach of most runners.


Today only time for a short jog home after work. Tomorrow I have to start bashing out the miles again though.

TDC 753 days 8249 miles

sneezy [TDC744]

A light recovery day of 8 miles jogging to/from evening Goodgym volunteering. Of course I would be stretched to run anything at pace, but after a couple of 20+ mile days sometimes I get worried that I don’t feel more tired? Shouldn’t question it or grumble I guess. A good sign that my legs are getting stronger hopefully? Bloody sneezy again all day today though. Bah!


Friday will mark 100 days to go till the 50 marathons start!

TDC 744 days 8161 miles

larks [TDC740]

Early morning 9 mile trot. By personality I am a night owl so runs first thing aren’t great, however I’m reading Marathon Running by Richard Nerurkar at the moment and the thing that struck me was the talk of his 6am runs with the Kenyans, and how therefore in comparison if you set your mind to it, running early morning could make you feel like an elite even if your times / distances / paces are much more modest.


This evening a trot down to Mile End and a training run with GoodGym up and down the ‘hill’ in the park for another 7 miles. Getting back to it on a lovely sunny day [chilly first thing though].

TDC 740 days 8103 miles


One of those awful days when Garmin takes hours to upload from the watch. Seems so random. Lovely weather though. Looks set to remain this way for the rest of the week, so some good running ahead.


9 miles this lunchtime and another couple in the evening going to/from and with Run England group and a jog doing some GoodGym work for an evening 8 miles total.

TDC 739 days 8087 miles

100 up [TDC733]

Apparently the bare foot / minimalist running shoe market is now worth $1.7 billion annually! Given all the debate about cushioned vs minimalist running shoes it is nice to find something I have long suspected [with caveats of course].

The “one best way” isn’t about footwear. It’s about form. Learn to run gently, and you can wear anything. Fail to do so, and no shoe — or lack of shoe — will make a difference.

Words from Mr Born to Run himself, Christopher McDougall; supposedly an advocate of bare foot running [2009 anyway]. Good that the ‘truth’ outs above commercial  expedience every now and then.

The hundred up is a very old technique that encourages runners to find their ‘one best way’. Can’t hurt giving it a try. After all, most sports [from martial arts to racket sports] require countless hours of form practice so why should running be any different?

Today just an early 6 miler.

TDC 733 days 8011 miles


Nice relaxing slow 20 miles this morning [18 with viewtube guys]. Including part of the London Marathon course. Great to help some runners to their first 18 milers. Strange to think [albeit slow] 20 miles now feels like a pretty nothing run. That and a 54 mile week now also seems like a ‘lazy’ week, Nice to pass some Good Gym guys near the end of the run and have a chat. We got away with no real rain too, which is always a bonus.


For better or worse I now have a four month training plan pencilled in, to take me to the hopefully faster Marathon at the end of May [sticking to it is another matter]. The trickiest thing has been trying to accommodate several conflicting demands based on the different aims for this year; faster at shorter distances but retaining fitness for multi-day marathoning for this summer.

Of course the shorter stuff will have to remain a lesser priority. The issue is going to be how to retain the stamina I have now built up for multi-day long running, over the next five and a half months, without neither overdoing it nor not doing enough? Unfortunately there is a real lack of information out there for this kind of endeavour.

TDC 680 days 7515 miles