[TDC 973]

Only time for jog to/from parkrun duties this morning. It will be really nice to celebrate our 25,000 finishers next week. Hard to believe that in 3 months time it will be already 6 years since I started working on setting the event up. Time flies.


TDC 973 days 10498 miles


[TDC 952]

Slowest parkrun in over a year!?  Proves you can’t go out till the early hours then expect to have no pay back. Pace seemed pretty comfortable breathing-wise and legs not heavy, but 10.25 at half way meant I relaxed too much the second half. Felt I could have run a Half Marathon at that pace.

TDC 952 days 10407 miles

[TDC 924]

Back in Jersey for the Marathon. Decided to try a pace practise parkrun 5K. Finished in the first 12 out of 155 but perhaps not a great idea, even though only 21 minutes something [not flat course]. Right hamstring especially tired? Breathing hardly at all but legs ‘wobbly’.


I think tomorrow will be a hang on and see what happens kind of race. I will start at 3.15 pace and hope for the best. That said 3.15 on this course is 3.10 on a flatter course.

TDC 924 days 10284 miles

[TDC 917]

Run to parkrun to drop off keys then on to another parkrun to try a 5K faster effort [20.35] then back to parkrun to process results then home. 11 miles with stops; farthest I have run in a day in 3 weeks. Nice to run faster, but made the mistake of following others after the first mile, when their pace had slowed. Overall it didn’t feel that flat out, so I think I could have sub 20ed.

A few more miles next week before a faster marathon effort next weekend, then back to the training plan for the Autumn.

TDC 917 days 10252 miles

[TDC 910]

So just a 4 mile jog to parkrun duties this morning. Even more confused. I have allowed myself another week of ‘free’ eating. Haven’t gone crazy on the cakes but I have been eating ‘naughty’ food. Could be down to less cups of tea in the stomach when stepping on scales, but this morning I weighed 1lb less than I did last Saturday morning!? Given I am running next to nothing mileage this makes no sense at all? I thought I would have put on a few lbs, so not complaining.

weight 170916.jpg

TDC 910 days 10219 miles

dithering [TDC847]

Nice to jog to and from parkrun duties this morning. Our first 250 events runner. Tested watch and cleared data. Weighed self [OUCH]. Clothes washing. Getting food cooked and frozen for the week. Vaseline stocked up. Hair and toenails cut. Kit for tomorrow all laid out. Dithering [taper] time over. No more rest.

Dreading that it looks like being a heat wave tomorrow! But, for what it’s worth, as ready as I’ll ever be. Oh boy!

Only 1,134 miles till TDC miles complete [10,000 miles in a thousand days] and this 50/50 challenge is 1,311 miles.

TDC 847 days 8866 miles