[TDC 948]

It has been very worthwhile using some ‘free’ time today to try to work out the logistics of the events/challenges I have pencilled in for the next 3 years. More a case of how to fit in everything I’d like to do! And a logical progression in terms of toughness.

To a certain extent, though next year is supposed to be all about the mile, I will need to be very clever about how I can still have some longer training in the mix? Very odd to think in terms of mesocycles that last for years rather than months and a macrocycle of 4 years [now till end of 2020]. Simply Olympian. lol

So, yes, just as with the Thousand Day Challenge and its mini-challenges [some like the 50/50 not so mini] I now have a bigger challenge in mind for 2020 with its own mini-challenges. The fates seemingly demand it! Why? The distance for the 50/50 was 26.2 miles x 50 = 1310 miles total. I just discovered that from the first day post TDC [Saturday 17th December 2016] to Sunday 19th July 2020 is exactly 1310 days!? Pretty much around when school hols begin, giving me 6-7 weeks for an adventure.


This evening a jog to/from evening 10K training for the longest I have run [apart from a Half and Marathon] since end of 50/50. Was I ever really running 10 miles every day even? A week to go till this year’s Movember Milo Miles 2016.

TDC 948 days 10387 miles


[TDC 899]

So recovery week one starts properly today. Catch up with work time pressures mean a meagre 1 mile again today; just to say I did something. Seems very cruel to not be able to run. Still, better to go easy for a week to iron out any tiredness kinks; easy for them to get disguised when you have to run everyday.

50 complete.jpg

local paper back home in Jersey

Guess I have to find time to sort out and spruce up the blog for the Autumn. Archiving challenges and setting new ones for the rest of the year. But first a small starter debrief of the 50/50.

What went well
50 marathons completed
Average time of under 4 hours each
Ran with lots of interesting people
Encouraged some runners to get started again
No niggles or injuries
Discovered this was well within my capabilities
Zero ice baths, massages, on the run nutrition
A sub 3:25 marathon on Day 37
[the track marathon was actually 2 laps long]

What didn’t go so well
Rubbish charity fundraising amount
Didn’t capture the public imagination enough
Didn’t complete every marathon sub 4 hours
Some daily nutrition difficulties
Confirmed I am not a warm weather runner
Got a black toenail

TDC 899 days 10178 miles


So the thing I find most interesting is that I somehow don’t seem to be lacking in basic speed. Speed stamina for sure. I gauge this from running a 1 mile event in 6.26 two weeks ago the day after a marathon [though I was taking it easy] and doing 6.20 for the first mile of the 10K sunday and feeling fairly comfortable.

On the books then with less weight and even before more specific training [both speedwork and core and leg strength work] I should be able to go at least 5.40 right now.

No time unfortunately now to do any training for this aim [nor lose the weight] before the mile race on Sunday, but it will be interesting to see what I can do? Not a main aim currently neither. Certainly looking forward to doing something a little different next year with regard to this aim however.

A fun 7 miles this evening.

TDC 815 days 8715 miles


Only time for a jog with Sweatshop tonight. Quads still a bit sore but amazing how good they feel after some little running. There is a funny meme going around which I fully concur with. Never been a charity runner [too late now] seems to take away from the ‘pureness’ of the running but hey ho this 50/50 is a one off. Certainly easier to keep quiet.

TDC 801 days 8641 miles