Rain Runner

I designed a little ‘well done’ badge for all the runners that came along to training this morning. The rain wasn’t particularly cold or heavy but sufficiently miserable and non-stop to demand that those that braved the elements get some recognition.

real runner


Traditionally there have been many sites claiming to be the centre of London. From the London Stone, to The Charing Cross, to somewhere east of Waterloo Station. I guess as London develops alongside the sophistication of mapping technology [and the idea of where exactly London ends?] the proposed location changes.

Now apparently it is at a lowly bench along the Victoria Embankment.


Holland [TDC132]

No not the Beach Boys’ album. A £30 million win by Kingston council for cycling-friendly initiatives. The 700 metre cycling ‘boardwalk’ along the Thanes sounds great. What a shame it isn’t to be longer and no doubt it will remain inaccessible to runners.


TDC 132 days 1064 miles

floating village


Some interesting articles in the papers the last two days. King Boris has submitted plans for a ‘yuppie village at the Royal Victoria Dock in Newham [where I have one of my Run England groups].

I have to say that the project looks very interesting architecturally [not the first time something similar to this has been proposed] but sure to get local objections [along with the again proposed bridge/tunnel linking north/south of the Thames from the same area]. Of course it’s all easy if it’s not in your backyard Boris. Of course the floating village would be one way to drum up some custom for the adjacent little used vanity project cable car.