One of those awful days when Garmin takes hours to upload from the watch. Seems so random. Lovely weather though. Looks set to remain this way for the rest of the week, so some good running ahead.


9 miles this lunchtime and another couple in the evening going to/from and with Run England group and a jog doing some GoodGym work for an evening 8 miles total.

TDC 739 days 8087 miles


superhero [TDC289]


So, today was the first day of the Jantastic challenge and I got to wear my new top/birthday present. Have never had a spandex top before, only leggings, so feels a little strange [superhero strange] like I should have a 6 pack or something. I will wear it for the 4 jantastic runs a week I have stated [the rest of the week’s runs I am keeping for myself].

12 miles today just to get to the Rickrolling proclaimers. Which also marks a quarter of the way [mileage-wise] through the TDC. Tomorrow will be RTR70 first round the island done, with 69 to go.

Strangely, my legs feel more tired after yesterday’s 20 miler than they did after the 50 miler two weeks ago? And a little panic last night when my right calf seemed a bit sore!? But all seems fine today after icing last night.

Finally [a year after signing up] got to a Good Gym session. Reasonable amount of fun doing some good deeds. Unfortunately I think I broke Garmin connect!? I opened a strava account yesterday and today Garmin doesn’t work – grr!


TDC 289 days 2501 miles
RTR70 47/3360 [0]