price [TDC676]

Recovery day today at only 4 miles total [lunchtime with QMUL group and to evening Run England group.

Was there ever any doubt that ‘elite’ level sport is not good for you? GOOD of course is a very subjective matter. Plenty of studies have shown what is considered a minimum ‘good’ level for general health and well being. Beyond this level you are interested in different reasons for trying to excel at any given activity [this includes non-physical activities] than ‘health’.

For professional athletes being number one at almost any cost is the name of the game. Certainly there must be a viscous cycle of wanting to be the best but needing to make money so needing to be the best etc. Hence the drug issues and match fixing problems coming to light recently in several sports?

Luckily perhaps for most of us [no matter how passionate we are about our running] the limits of having a fairly ‘normal’ 9-5 life/job precludes any possibility of getting into this kind of tricky territory.


The most difficult question I always find asked is, “why do you run?” I haven’t yet found a suitable answer beyond the banal, easily spouted responses.Health, well-being, sociability, stress-relief, endorphin rush, getting from A to B quicker/more cheaply, blah blah blah. All true but seems to somehow undersell what running is really about?

In a recent interview I said, off the top of my head, “To move is to live.” Sounds like an off the shelf, self-help guru, aphoristic platitude kind of pseudo-Zen soundbite? I realise that for me at least it is probably the closest I’ll get to the ‘an answer’.

TDC 676 days 7477 miles


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