100 up [TDC733]

Apparently the bare foot / minimalist running shoe market is now worth $1.7 billion annually! Given all the debate about cushioned vs minimalist running shoes it is nice to find something I have long suspected [with caveats of course].

The “one best way” isn’t about footwear. It’s about form. Learn to run gently, and you can wear anything. Fail to do so, and no shoe — or lack of shoe — will make a difference.

Words from Mr Born to Run himself, Christopher McDougall; supposedly an advocate of bare foot running [2009 anyway]. Good that the ‘truth’ outs above commercial  expedience every now and then.

The hundred up is a very old technique that encourages runners to find their ‘one best way’. Can’t hurt giving it a try. After all, most sports [from martial arts to racket sports] require countless hours of form practice so why should running be any different?

Today just an early 6 miler.

TDC 733 days 8011 miles


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