farm [TDC534]

10 miles after work and another 4 miles jog home after Goodgym volunteering at Stepney City Farm. Relaxed recovery running.

Tomorrow sees the 60th out of a hoped for 100 virtual circuits of the island of Jersey in 2015 completed. But only 115 days to cover 1928 miles. The mileage needed countdown will be a bit like going back in time, now in the early 20th century, soon in the late 19th century.



I seem to be doing much better than the first week of the July puma points competition [and I think the first place is bogus as the runner doesn’t exist?] but doubt I can keep up this rate of scoring; certainly on the PB front.

TDC 534 days 5336 miles
RTR100 2882/4810 [59]


comrades [TDC436]

This is what real running is about [0.47] brings a lump to your throat. No silly club rivalry. Cruel but cool. You see runners stopped on the line 1 second out, after 12 hours of running. Hey a cut off is a cut off!

First day of Juneathon today. Andre and I have had to put the Everest challenge back another week due to work commitments. Now scheduled for June 15th, the day after the City Mile; to still do or not!?

An 11 Mile day including some trots up the Mile End green bridge as I couldn’t get to Stratford steps in time, and an evening little jog to GoodGym and home.

TDC 436 days 4301 miles
RTR70 1847/3360 [38]

potent? [TDC387]

‘Men who are good at long-distance running are likely to make particularly potent sexual partners,’ according to research talked about in the Standard last Friday anyway. Not sure what ‘good’ means in the above statement though? How about men that do lots of steps?

Today my timed 850 steps, which with the jog there and to my evening Run England group and the GoodGym session after makes for a 9 mile equivalent day.

TDC 387 days 3893 miles
RTR70 1439/3360 [29]

busy [TDC326]

Busy day. Jog to lunchtime Run England group and 5 miles with them. Then looked after year 6 runners at school. Great to see that two of them have got their half marathon certificates already; they all have till July to cover the full distance. After work 2 mile jog to evening Run England group, but a 25 minute stair climbing session just before, and a jog home after. 12 miles [with stairs at 2 mile equivalent] for a 14 mile day. Quads very tired. But at least my cold seems to have gone in two days. 11th time around virtual Jersey, 13 days ahead of schedule.

TDC 326 days 2993 miles
RTR70 539/3360 [11]

goodgym [TDC308]

My first goodgym in Newham this morning. Nice relaxing jog with some gardening thrown in. Hilarious to end up on the next street to where I live doing community work.

gg 241


5 miles covered with the  cool down. It felt a little strange to spend a Saturday morning not at parkrun. Legs tired but feeling good. Next block of training starts tomorrow.

TDC 308 days 2729 miles
RTR70 275/3360 [5]