Nice relaxing slow 20 miles this morning [18 with viewtube guys]. Including part of the London Marathon course. Great to help some runners to their first 18 milers. Strange to think [albeit slow] 20 miles now feels like a pretty nothing run. That and a 54 mile week now also seems like a ‘lazy’ week, Nice to pass some Good Gym guys near the end of the run and have a chat. We got away with no real rain too, which is always a bonus.


For better or worse I now have a four month training plan pencilled in, to take me to the hopefully faster Marathon at the end of May [sticking to it is another matter]. The trickiest thing has been trying to accommodate several conflicting demands based on the different aims for this year; faster at shorter distances but retaining fitness for multi-day marathoning for this summer.

Of course the shorter stuff will have to remain a lesser priority. The issue is going to be how to retain the stamina I have now built up for multi-day long running, over the next five and a half months, without neither overdoing it nor not doing enough? Unfortunately there is a real lack of information out there for this kind of endeavour.

TDC 680 days 7515 miles


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