ups [TDC779]

Felt warm already at 6am this morning, but luckily it seems it will get cooler this week? Certainly everyone everywhere suffered racing yesterday. A nice 10 mile run that incorporated some ups first thing today. I have taken the early morning guys to do some gentle up and downs here several times this year but it is the first time I have done the full Blake Hall inclines x6 in about 3 years? Pace okay but not on the money. Lost focus on the the 5th so did a faster last repeat and averaged ups in 2.45 and 3.05  for downs [should be under 2.30 ups with 3.00 downs]. Still, it should have been half decent given essentially a week off last week.

Jog home after work and a jog to/from a meeting in the evening for another 8 miles to the day. This need to manually upload to Garmin Connect is doing my head in!

Now need to concentrate on a little quality work [inclines and tempo runs] over the next couple of weeks to feel comfortable at 7.30 pace for the Kent Marathon.

TDC 779 days 8498 miles


larks [TDC740]

Early morning 9 mile trot. By personality I am a night owl so runs first thing aren’t great, however I’m reading Marathon Running by Richard Nerurkar at the moment and the thing that struck me was the talk of his 6am runs with the Kenyans, and how therefore in comparison if you set your mind to it, running early morning could make you feel like an elite even if your times / distances / paces are much more modest.


This evening a trot down to Mile End and a training run with GoodGym up and down the ‘hill’ in the park for another 7 miles. Getting back to it on a lovely sunny day [chilly first thing though].

TDC 740 days 8103 miles

PC [TDC696]

Never quite sure why Evolution is always seen in male terms? Perhaps a hang over from biblical Adam before Eve? Or just easier to draw without boobi-bits? Probably coz most graphic designers are male? PCness?


It is funny though looking at wags riffing on the topic. De-evolution def seems to be in progress? The last one obviously the most appropriate to this blog. Me come September?




Today an early morning 9 miler inc some inclines with Andre and evening another 8 miles leading at Sweatshop. Forgot to charge watch again, so luckily the old watch still had life after a month turned off. Had to rely on the paperclip watch fix though as Garmin never bothered to contact me about a replacement for the design fault strap.

TDC 696 days 7660 miles


ninja [TDC691]

I am glad to read that Jamie Oliver is prepared to ‘go ninja’ on the Prime Minister for some kind of REAL battle on obesity. Whether that be a proposed sugar tax or other strategy. Those of us who work in health and fitness areas despair at the sorry state of the nation, our youth in particular. Not that it is a British problem solely, but we are currently the fat man of Europe. Shame it takes the actions of a celebrity chef to highlight what should be very obvious to all?


Duane Hanson sculpture 1969 ‘Supermarket Lady’

The biggest failing [it was obvious to all of us with half an eye on the world beforehand] of the 2012 Olympics is that it has NOT affected any real change in physical activity rates. Despite the promises and hopes of politicians, these one off kind of things rarely do. The only way real changes come about is if there is a cultural sea change.

Today just an early morning 10 mile run, with some ups, with the girls. Lazy day. Oops!

TDC 691 days 7612 miles

TON [TDC689]

So, time to start bumping up the weekly mileage to the 100 mark again. Feels like I have been coasting the first five weeks of 2016 so far; though the mileage drop has been for a purpose.


Today [given the race two days ago] a cautious start to harder work. A relaxed 9 miles with some inclines early morning with the guys, an easy 5 mile run after work with some more inclines, and leading the Sweatshop 10K group in the evening before the mile jog home for a modest 22 mile day.

TDC 689 days 7599 miles

bridesmaid [TDC638]

Another second place this year at the SiTC dawn to dusk ultra. I always seem to come up against a young whippersnapper that can run the best part of 60 miles in 8 hours. Oh well at least I got over the 50 miles this year [I was determined as I missed it by 1/2 mile last year]. 51 miles and if I had been given correct information whilst running I would have tried to go a little faster the last few laps so as to be allowed to get a final lap in [in ultras you can start a last lap if began just before the finish time] as it would have been nice to get the double marathon 52.4 miles in 8 hours. Next year.

Also a good day for fellow viewtubers doing 10Ks, Half, Marathon, and ultras.

A rest day needed tomorrow [and travelling home – trains/planes etc] and so I have probably left it too late now for the 4810 miles in 2015. A massive 285 miles remaining and only 11 days. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of days. Would be a shame to get to 99 circuits or something similar but hey, it was only supposed to have been 70 circuits anyhow.

TDC 638 days 6979 miles
RTR100 4525/4810 [94]

leaping [TDC624]

Return of One Tree Hill for those that missed the Summer run. Very impressed with everyone’s work today. A tough 10K run indeed.


A jog to viewtube and down to Greenwich for 7 miles, a bit of pottering around whilst One Tree Hill was on [stopping and supporting] and some slow hill repeats, and a 5 mile jog home after. A very relaxed 16 mile day.

Only 471 miles to go in the next 25 days; but that’s back at the 20 miles a day average level. Leap year next year, so get in training.

TDC 624 days 6793 miles
RTR100 4339/4810 [90]