mile [TDC799]

Fun run 1 mile ‘race’ [blingwhoring really] shakeout this morning. Quads pretty tired so didn’t push like a loony. The last thing I need now is to get injured. Lovely to see everyone from yesterday and also fellow Sweatshop runners.


Surprised myself with 6.26 as I felt very comfortable all the way around and only put my foot on the gas in the last 200 metres [by a small amount]. 400 metres in 1.40, 1.40, 1.35, 1.31 Happy with that given I ran a marathon yesterday.


Jogged the 8 miles back to Stratford with some viewtube guys after a picnic. 4/5ths through the Thousand Day Challenge tomorrow, so in the closing straight.

TDC 799 days 8634 miles


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