So now it’s time to click back firmly into disciplined mode. I feel this year compared to 2015 has been rather lax; perhaps due to the shorter distance races or a lack of information on how to train for and maintain fitness for multi-day marathoning meaning I have been kind of freeforming?

Aim number one has got to be lose some weight. Number two is run strong at the Kent [I will try for but no longer really expect a good for age effort] marathon in a few days time.

Today an early morning jog with the ellie and to/from and Sweatshop 10K leading in the evening. It seems so long ago I was banging out 20+ mile days for weeks on end. I have to remain confident that I can work my fitness back to plodding along day after day for a couple of months.  After all Eddie Izzard says, “if I can do 26 miles every day, anyone can.”  I hope my marathons are a tad faster than his daily average 7 hours however.

TDC 787 days 8565 miles


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