relax [TDC457]

Just a little 5 miles jogged today as recovery. Quads a bit stiff but otherwise a good sleep was most refreshing. I will have to decide whether to run a training marathon next Sunday by midweek. Time to put up the miles again, but recovery is all important. Unfortunately few think about it much?


Images from yesterday’s parkathon are available here. I’m a bit disappointed that ‘I forgot’ to press ‘lap’ after each section [5KM run or between part] as I would have loved to have seen the stats. I thought I was pressing? Apart from the couple of pacing 5KMs I think all were in the 25 minute range. Mile End is certainly a tough one to finish on. And I discovered that 40 miles is my limit [at 8.30 pace] without refueling [except from water].

Nearly through another Juneathon and looking forward to the next big challenge. Hopefully it will be the Everest challenge if Andre gets well enough, else it will be a mega hill run event mid July. Ouch.

TDC 457 days 4519 miles
RTR70 2065/3360 [43]


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