brrr! [TDC304]

A 23 mile run early this morning. Bloody freezing! a real WUFG day [woollen underpants frozen gajumbers aka brass monkey weather]. Happy that it was at around 4 hour marathon pace [was tempted to just do another 3 miles at the end].

Always useful to have some ‘silly’ adventures lined up when you have to run long, with no other purpose [and no company]. Today I decided to run around all the TFL transport hubs in Newham [overground, underground and DLR]. I had a quick look at a map last night but didn’t plan any route, so the run was a bit like orienteering [thinking the route on the run] as I didn’t want to have to cross my tracks, so had to rely on my remembered local knowledge. Only a couple of miles more than I had thought it would be. Good fun. Here are the pictures of each station; I even managed to include the so called ‘Air Line’ cable car and the Woolwich Ferry.

tfl newham

And 11 miles tonight for a 34 mile day including looking after the longer 10K Sweatshop run, at a pace not much slower than this morning [23 -2/2/7]; the / means a short break [under an hour] and the means another session. A good day.

TDC 304 days 2684 miles
RTR70 230/3360 [4]


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