Trot back from work only. This non-running is doing my head in but at least it is a rest / taper before the 50/50 starts. Having to pinch myself as after all this time it seems impossible that in only three and a bit weeks I will be running a marathon a day for nearly two months.

TDC 823 days 8760 miles


medal [TDC786]


initial design minus text

So with only a few days to go till the 50 days till 50/50 countdown begins, things have started hotting up. Two weeks to get marathon locations sorted. Design a medal that participants can ‘earn’ by running some distance with me. Publicising the runs, etc, etc, etc. Frankly the running part may end up being the easier task?

Advice given me today by marathon legend Steve Edwards [728 official marathon races with an average finish time of 3hrs 17min – so far].

The recovery window is the key, very important to be disciplined and follow a tried and tested strategy pre, during and post each days run. Strategy should include key elements like nutrition/hydration, massage, stretching, ice bath, compression, sleep/rest etc. I find a spreadsheet helps as it’s easy to forget something when your extremely tired. Good luck

Just a jog home after work, which always makes me feel like a running fraud somehow. I mean 3 miles!?

TDC 786 days 8545 miles

wash [TDC652]

A third recovery day in a row. Sick! But necessary I guess. ITB left leg still a little tight; I may just have to use that bloody torture implement roller this year?

I qualified for my Sweatshop free shoes today [exactly on the 1 year date] from having run 50 out of 52 weeks last year. Obviously helps that I have been leading the 10K on Tuesdays there in 2015. The manager seem to be saying I can’t have them though!? I’ll be bloody kicking and screaming if that is true!? Arseholes!

Just a nice relaxed social run with viewtube runners this morning. Most are rebooting after the holiday season and some of us are now tapering pre 45 mile Ultra race on the 16th January. For most that will be their first ultra race so it will be very exciting.

For me obviously it is going to be a tough but exciting whole year in 2016. Can’t wait to get back to it asap. But for now I am being very well behaved and taking it easy.

Better go and wash now, I think it has been 2 days? These small runs leave you thinking you haven’t done anything.

TDC 652 days 7288 miles

furst [TDC650]

A jog to/from parkrun and a 5K trot around at Hackney [arriving 2 minutes late due to Wanstead Flats duties] for a recovery 8 mile day. It will take a while for what is practically a TDC minimum needed average mileage day to seem like little more than a nothing day?

But I am happy to be starting a ‘rest’ period as my ITB today is very tight [not painful or even uncomfortable, at low mileage at least, but I can certainly feel it] in one small area of my left thigh.

Things will slow down now but I am currently 772 miles ahead of needed minimum TDC mileage of 10 miles a day for 1,000 days [and at one point I was 400 miles behind], so I’ll need to have a think over the weekend of what targets I set for 2016?


Certainly sleepy tired from the last two weeks exertions but glad to start the year not hungover and raring to go. It’s going to be a very interesting year!? I’ll have to be careful to hold the horses for a couple of weeks though.

TDC 650 days 7272 miles

BTE [TDC373]

So I kept thinking yesterday, based on my average sub 8 minutes a mile pace, that I was on for an under 1:43 Half Marathon, and then I was confused to miss 1:45 even though I felt I never slowed down?


This morning having finally managed to manually upload my Garmin stats I realise why. Simply, it wasn’t a Half Marathon race but a 22K [13.67 mile] race; which is 907 metres longer! A good 4 minutes more.

My calculated Half Marathon time then would have indeed been sub 1:43 at 1:41 and a bit. Result! Better than expected, still I never felt I was pushing that hard. Without the ups/downs a sub 1:40?

A gentle jog to/from my evening Run England group tonight for a 4 mile recovery day. Managing to stay ahead of that TDC daily average mark, just.

TDC 373 days 3766 miles
RTR70 1312/3360 [27]

half [TDC372]

Well the weatherman had said heavy downpours and very high winds so we were lucky to get away with light rain and just high winds coming up the hill during the second half of the race.

Six of us from viewtube managed to get to Redbridge despite the clocks going forward. Challenging course [ups and downs for laps] but I’m glad I tried more than merely jogging [though not racing] to get just over 1:45 Given last week’s marathons and 9,000 steps in the 48 hours before, I’m satisfied with that time.

With a jog to the train station that makes a 15 mile day. Now I just need to get my Garmin data to upload so I can finish the 3 month Jantastic challenge on 100%

TDC 372 days 3762 miles
RTR70 1308/3360 [27]