The problem is my mind keeps slipping back into thinking about the longer stuff; there are so many good Ultra marathon events to do and so little time. I guess like all runners that are serious amateurs, I have compiled a bucket list of events I’d like to try to do before my time is up. With 2018 being a shorter year I will have to hit everything else I’d like to do first time successfully [as some events are based on being able to complete previous challenges]. That’s the next 10 years pencilled in then. And no the Marathon des Sables is not in there [who can justify £4-5K!?]

Early this morning just another 4 mile jog with a faster 700m section. Still feeling incredibly sluggish; I guess the diet is taking its toll? I can always regard it as useful calorie deficit training for longer events.

Day16 OMC 55 miles



Sat down today and did some crazy planning. It worked well for the 1,000 day challenge so ….

Still lots of big challenges I’d like to do, but the clock is ticking …. and you can’t fit in too many big challenges a year. Have made a provisional five year plan. This year the Mile challenge, stair running and strength work. A training year. Might perhaps be able to also work at the 5K distance? Yuck!

Certainly from next year it will be back to the longer stuff, via the Marathon. So many events claim to be the ‘toughest’ race on Earth, but … The biggest problem will be that I will have to hit all the targets first time [as some challenges are based on entry requirements that I will have to get from a previous challenge. Good to dream BIG!

Day14 OMC 51 miles



Strange day; 5.30am 4 miles then another 3 miles before 9am. Some days you just have to get the miles in however you can. Nothing very quality yet this year but I do seem to have turned a corner weight-wise, losing a couple of lbs a week so far this year. Will be back to the 12 stone something next week [roll on the 11 stone somethings].

Day13 OMC 48 miles

run 4ever

Just because I am technically a short distance runner this year doesn’t mean I have to give up being inspired by longer distance runners.

The Bob Graham Round is certainly something I would like to try in a couple of years time. Shame I never got my act together at a younger age but I guess I can still be motivated by age grade type standards.

Today an early morning 4miles and this afternoon another little jog. At least the mileage is slowly going up now.

Day12 OMC 41 miles


What I hate most about gps watches: They give different measurements of distance [which you know to be incorrect]. Even more annoying is giving different measures for exactly the same route on different days.

Apart from the track, I will build up perhaps 3 or 4 different mile courses to run this year. Partly to keep it interesting, partly for different times of day [when lack of light might be a factor]. This should be a small enough number to enable an accurate judgement of the distance [comparing like for like].

‘Proper’ time trials will necessarily have to take place on a 400M track. It seems there might be as many as 35 functional all weather tracks in London? So I don’t need to start using those till the Spring [after my foundation phase build up].

Another few miles jogged today [4 miles AM and 5 miles PM].

Day11 OMC 36 miles


The thing that is hardest to fathom [though I have long known the studies that state that even Olympic runners return to ‘man in the street’ levels of fitness after a year of detraining or non activity] is my huge drop in pace over the mile!? Even 7 months ago at essentially the same flabby weight I am now I was able to hit 6.51 for the mile. Even 4 months ago at essentially the same flabby weight I am now I was able to hit 6.57 for the mile.

 A mere 15 months ago I could run more than 20 seconds a mile faster for a whole marathon than I can presently for ONE mile! And that was only 4 weeks after running 50 sub 4 hour marathons in as many days [so hardly recovered]. Amazing how quickly your fitness can drop if you don’t keep it up.

Just a 4 mile jog early this morning. Another faster mile planned for tomorrow. The plan for the next two weeks is just to get back to regular running and try a few faster miles.

Day10 OMC 27 miles