So from blogging every day for over 3 years to hardly anything in the last year. So much archiving from last year to do and generally cleaning everything up. Gives a good chance to actually look at achievements and set new goals. Never too late to start again [which is almost what it now feels like].



A bit of evening fun at what I thought would be more like an orienteering run [find the check points] but instead a pretty straight forward directed by marshals event. A good idea, free and fun.



Shocking if true. Over 6.3 million adults aged 40-60 don’t manage to achieve 10 minutes of continuous, fast-paced walking over the course of a month, Public Health England (PHE) has revealed.

Summer Time

School’s nearly out for Summer so I will have time to run at last. From being essentially an age-graded  National level marathon runner at the end of the 50/50 marathon challenge [and still in sub 3:20 marathon shape as late as last October] a full 9 months of day to day workload has meant I have become less than a jogger in 2017, so far.

spitfire 2017

This weekend’s Spitfire Scramble event highlighted how much work I now need to do to get back my running legs! I mean 6 miles x4 in around 50 minutes each time over the 24 hours has left me with legs as tired as after a marathon.

Amazing how much your fitness can fall if you stop exercising regularly!