London parkathon

The parkathon event [which has rested in 2016 and 2017] is due for a return in 2018.

Mile End 2013

Mile End 2013 [stage 6]

photos from 2015

parkathon 2015

The 3rd year of Seven 5K runs in a day [21 June 2015].

09:00 – Walthamstow parkrun course
10:30 – Hackney Marshes parkrun course
12:00 – Wanstead Flats parkrun course
13:30 – Valentines Park parkrun course
15:00 – Barking parkrun course
16:30 – Beckton parkrun course
18:00 – Mile End parkrun course

Route map here

London parkathon EAST small

General notes:

  • The event will take place on Sunday 21st June.
  • The event is a series of 5K runs [it is not an official parkrun event].
  • There are NO fees, NO medals, NO t-shirts etc just great company and encouragement.
  • Participants can complete as many of the stages as they wish, one, a few or all seven.
  • The runs will not be timed.
  • There will be no special ‘support’ [water etc] apart from what runners bring themselves. There are however toilets at all locations.
  • The route with timetable can be seen in the following Google map:
  • Transport details are available for drivers on the map link.
  • Participants are encouraged to take public transport between stages, cycle, or even run. If driving please car share and offer lifts to others when possible.
  • The start times of successive stages are 90 minutes apart, this should give participants enough time to complete the course, and travel to the next stage in time for the start. Please be punctual.There will be a 45 minute time limit for each stage (i.e. to complete the 5km course). After this time if there are any signs on the course they will be removed and if there are any marshals on the course and at the finish they will head off to the next stage.
  • Participants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with each respective course in advance, and if unsure please jog round with others who are familiar with the course. [NB Valentines will be the old course].
  • Please aim to be at the start of each stage 5 minutes early for a short briefing on the stage, this is especially important if you haven’t run that particular course before.
  • Bags/ bikes etc can be left at the finish at the owners risk, it is not the responsibility of anyone that might be supporting runners to look after people’s belongings, however they may keep an eye on your stuff if you ask them nicely.
  • Participants are encouraged to eat and drink sufficient amounts regularly throughout the day.
  • Participants are encouraged to take photographs of the day and share them using social media.
  • Please tell your family, friends, and runners about the day if you find it interesting, and share on social media etc.
  • The 7th stage will be at Mile End after which it would be great if runners wished to go for a social drink/eat near by.

Look forward to running with you.
The more the merrier!

London parkathon EAST small
Between 2010 and 2013, parkrun events came together at various places in Britain to self-organise what became known as ‘longest chains’. These events consisted of local parkruns that clubbed together to arrange unofficial [sanctioned by, but not organised by, parkrun UK] runs over seven [usually] 5K parkrun courses in a single day; with time to travel between stages.
Fearing possible liability issues parkrun UK have regrettably decided that they can no longer be involved in any way with such an endeavour going forward, but have given their blessing for individuals to continue what has proved to be a very enjoyable and social day between local parkruns. As I took part in what was the North London longest chain in 2012 [running all seven stages and between] and set up/organised and took part in what was the East London version in 2013 and 2014, I was very keen to continue with this idea, and hence the ‘rebranded’ event parkathon.

London parkathon EAST small


4 thoughts on “London parkathon

  1. Had a brilliant time, most events were race wheelchair friendly, really nice group of runners, happy day!

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