The year started off with two challenges; a run every day of the month for Janathon, and hence 352 miles covered and eight day’s mileage in the 20 mile [or more] range. And the viewtube Jantastic team came in the top 10 out of over 1,000 teams in the 3 month challenge [second year running].


Run every day in January



February was a crazy month taking part in the ‘run until you drop’ challenge [a similar idea to my own movember milo miles challenge each November] so a whopping 625 miles and nineteen out of the twenty eight days of the month in the 20 miles or more range. I also logged my first 200+ mile week.



March was a quieter month of 342 miles and only one run in the 20 mile range apart from my first multi-day marathon event [7 marathons in 7 days], which I won with an average time of 3:43. I also logged my second 200+ mile week.


April saw a decrease in mileage to only 274 miles and only four 20+ mile range days due to increased stair climbing training in preparation for May, a rest from a heavy first three months of the year, and a slight increase in quality/faster efforts [over 1 mile]. I took a team down to the London Marathon to volunteer on the baggage area before the race start as in previous years.

May was a very low mileage month of extremes, only 240 miles but it started with a tough twice around the island of Jersey 96 miles in just over 22 hours [lots of cliff paths and steps] and ended up with 1 mile race where I just missed out on going sub 6 minutes. And the Wanstead Flats parkrun 4th anniversary.

June saw mileage start to climb again with 302 miles, and though starting with another mile race it ended with the third parkathon 5km x7 where I also ran between the events for 43 miles total and a tough Half Marathon. I also ran daily for the Junathon challenge.


Run every day in June

London parkathon [EAST] click for details

parkathon 5km x7

July saw mileage climb again to 371 miles and seven runs in the 20+ mile range. A fast-ish 10K in the Olympic Park and a tough Half Marathon at One Tree Hill in Greenwich park. I also came top of an online Puma Points competition at the Running Bug.

August began with a great team effort from the viewtube runners who came out to support the postponed since May second attempt at the stair climbing challenge to conquer Everest which ended with me completing Half the distance solo. A British Heart Foundation jog. .And our mixed team of eight finishing 2nd at the second Spitfire Scramble 24 hour relay race. Mileage was low at only 275 miles


September saw a gradual rise in mileage again to 415 miles. And two Half Marathons around the 1:30 mark. I once again came top of an online Puma Points competition at the Running Bug.

October was a rest month of only 330 miles for the month, but with some faster training.

November started with a fast 10K on the first day of a record breaking fourth Movember Milo Miles challenge to ‘run the dates’ during the month, essentially a multi-day Ultra event, which was again completed successfully but with a whopping 752 miles. I also logged my third 200+ mile week.


December saw a supposed recovery month of 537 miles which included a 51 mile Ultra in under 8 hours, two relaxed 10K races, and a mad dash to the end of the year with 150 miles in the last four days and the fourth 200+ mile week of the year. Picking up over 1,000 miles during the year [400 miles behind TDC at the end of 2014 and 700 ahead at the end of 2015]. I successfully completed my aim to run the equivalent of 100 times around Jersey which had started the year at only 70 times].


The year in numbers therefore:
Miles total 4810 miles, average approx. 92.5 miles a week. 352/365 days run. A TDC surfeit of 700 miles.