A common enough gripe [particularly amongst newer and non-runners] is that running is BORING!  I say!?

There are millions of things you can do to weave little day to day adventures into your running to keep yourself interested whilst engaged in the ol’ one foot in front of the other. The harder thing to decide is what is an adventure and what is a challenge? I tend to regard adventures as being less dependent on time restrictions and with a greater degree of possible completion. For instance, pre Covid, Londone was a challenge [having to run a parkrun every week for a year without fail till done] now Londone has been relegated to an adventure [complete whenever it becomes possible]. Here are a few of my fun running ‘games’.

I have started to compile a list of little adventures [a bit like peak bagging] that I’d like to complete before my lifetime running/walking adventure concludes. In no particular order:

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile
USA coast to coast
The Camino de Santiago [London to Spain]

UK based
England Coast Path
Land’s End to John O’ Groats
National Long Distance Paths
The Bob Graham Round
The Paddy Buckley Round
The Ramsay Round
The Munros
The National 3 Peaks
The Welsh 3000s
Dartmoor Tors

LONDON based
Boundaries of the boroughs
Through all the boroughs
Around the M25
The London Loop
The Capital Ring
Other Walk London routes
All the tube lines
All the tube stations
All trigpoints
London Monopoly Board
The protected views lines
1 mile time trial all London 400M tracks

All the roads in Newham

Obviously certain challenges involving ‘collections’ can be [need to be] completed concurrently i.e. as you are visiting all the pillar boxes in an area you are also travelling the streets [and can be slowly ticking off other ‘items’ at the same time [post boxes, mile stones, boundary markers, trigpoints, Pie n Mash shops, parkruns, water fountains, cabbie cabins, etc]

Equivalent of Mt Everest in stairs
Run everyday in a year
Run the dates in November [1-30]
Run 5,000 miles in a year
Run around the world equivalent 4 times

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