Ealing feeling

A nice 2 hour pacing job for some club mates this morning. Brought then around for PBs in 1:59.08

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Day273 OMC968miles



Just a jog to Tower Bridge and back. Third 10+ mile run in 8 days and I am feeling it! At least I am back to it. Only 2 days with walks this week, even though the mileage is very low it is a start.


Day252 OMC952miles


We managed it! We ran around all the twenty TUSK rhinos in London; 12 miles of pain, boy am I unfit. Pretty dark by the time we finished, but we collected them all.


Day248 OMC935miles


Unfortunately the drug scandals keep on coming; I have no idea why anyone would be surprised? The pressure to cheat for some athletes must be enormous. If it is the difference between feeding your family or not …

Just a 3 mile jog this evening.

Day247 OMC923miles



From time to time, though all is in place [plans, goals, training knowledge, availability, ability, desire] and there is no over-training effect in operation, you seem to somehow run out of steam, to become becalmed, bereft of forward motion.

It then appears almost impossible to get any momentum going again. A tough 14 mile run this morning, not cool and not flat but shouldn’t have felt this hard. Fitness drops fast if you take a break. Hopefully I can still look back on this as a low point. Two years ago today I finished the 50 marathons; been barely treading water since.

Day245 OMC920miles