Running pretty much at a standstill [no injuries just time pressed] but great to still be helping other runners. Went to volunteer with the guys at the Westminster Mile baggage; I could have run the mile but full of bugs this week.

westminster mile 18.jpg

Day147 OMC 574 miles



Volunteering at the Hackney Half Marathon with the guys; managing our water station at Hackney Downs for the fourth year. Nice 5 mile early morning jog there.

hackney water station.jpg

Day140 OMC 569 miles



The 7th anniversary at Wanstead Flats parkrun; has grown in those years.



Nice jog there and then a social 5K with the guys at Hackney in the afternoon.

hackney 5k 200518.jpg

Day139 OMC 564 miles


Seem to be going backwards; do feel very heavy and sluggish. Only managed the mile tonight at track in 7 minutes [409 metres in 1.42, then 1.46 (3.28), 1.50 (5.18), 1.42] but then that was only 10 minutes after running 400m in 1.34, 1.29, 1.31, 1.36 off of 2 minute rests [on planned 1.35 efforts] which was about the same pace but for less reps than four weeks ago but with a little less recovery [1.33, 1.31, 1.30, 1.31, 1.34, 1.35]. Think I was slightly dehydrated from standing in class all day.

Day130 OMC 551 miles


Just a little jog to Great Run Local duties this morning whilst a lot of the guys attempt the Three Peaks of Yorkshire Challenge.

viewtube 3peaks challenge 2018.jpg

Day126 OMC 541 miles


Just a trot to parkrun duties this morning. I can’t believe in two weeks that will be 7 years since Wanstead Flats started.

At least I am slowly getting back to it again. Not sure [apart from work – lack of time] what happened the last couple of weeks with the running!?

Day125 OMC 538 miles