Looks like for the next couple of months Tuesday early mornings will be my faster mile attempt time. And then a couple of miles jog in the evening.

Mile is improving slowly as expected. Happy with taking off another 8 seconds. At this rate I will back to sub 7 minutes for the distance in another couple of weeks. So 7.44, 7.36, 7.25, 7.17738.jpg




Better pacing is the key. As can be seen from the last three attempts, the first two started way too fast whereas this week’s attempt started much conservatively and actually speeded up at the end. A more structured warm up was the key. Interestingly, ignoring the necessary slow down just before the finish [road end point], the pace at the end of the run for the first two attempts was roughly the average pace for the run overall. On this attempt the pace at the end was much faster [6.30] than the average. This is a good sign.

Next improvement is to try to get the pace more even throughout. This will probably take another 10 seconds off. Current reductions in time are not down to improved fitness [too soon] but just getting used to working harder; more psychological than physiological.

New line in sand 7.17 [at 180lbs]

Day23 OMC 90 miles