Strangely the Mile is still predominantly an endurance event rather than a sprint so muscle fibre-wise we are talking slow twitch, but Mile slow twitch vs marathon slow twitch?

I tried another faster mile this morning [I don’t feel I can really call these faster efforts time trials yet] and yes pretty much confirmed that Sunday was not a one off blip. I AM now not even a local class runner! I did manage to take off 8 seconds so not all bad. I guess the best thing is going to be to run a faster mile every couple of days until I am at least able to do 7 minutes. This might take another 5 or 6 tries, meaning perhaps till the end of week three? This doesn’t necessarily mean the initial schedule is blown. I still expect to be back at 6.30 pace by the end of February and then progress from there. I suppose essentially then you could view this as my foundation phase. So 7.44, 7.36

Day9 OMC 23 miles