Had to laugh –┬áRunner’s World Defines a “Serious Runner” as a young male that can do a 5K in 25 minutes. A comment on the forum “Note to RW: You’re encouraging, validating, and cultivating mediocrity.”

Of course this definition merely reflects our society; one in which the majority of people, of any age, would struggle to even run 5K without walking.


In today’s culture of inclusivity it is hard to argue with the poster’s opinion. Whilst, the more people that engage with physical activity the better, it has always confused me why that is always regarded as needing to be a one sided endeavour? Can’t you have mass participation AND excellence? They are not even mutually exclusive. By definition the masses can’t all be ‘excellent’ [and definition of excellency will differ on category] but they can [if they choose] excel on their own personal standard.

The old, “better to take part than win” nonsense, or equally the old, “winning at all costs” nonsense, are both flawed philosophies. Be your best and judge how good that is in relation to everyone else seems far healthier.

World record 1 mile time: 3:43

Age graded targets for my age [equivalent 25 year old]
World Class: 4:47 [4:07]
National level: 5:23 [4:38]
Regional level: 6:09 [5:18]
Local level: 7:11 [6:11]

Will try first 1 mile time trial of the year/challenge tomorrow. Mostly to see how terrible the time and set a line in the sand. Doubt I will even hit Local level presently.

Day4 OMC 7 miles