A 5 mile run this morning that included a timed mile in the middle; got to 6.51 today[3.25 and 3.26]. I nearly gave up less than half into the first lap as it seemed so sluggish and slow. Even forgot to press the lap button as the 3.25 seemed so strange. Didn’t manage to speed up on the second lap but the pacing was consistent. Obviously I haven’t gained any fitness nor lost any weight in the last two days since the last 1 mile time trial so the sudden dropping of 10 seconds seems to be simply down to reactivating the fast twitch fibres?

The really annoying thing is that my watch is only logging the measured course at 0.99 mile [though it did in the past log it as the mile it is?] I am certainly running exactly the same circuit each time.

Progress so far then 20 seconds off in 3 weeks:

date location 800m 800m total
20/04/17 gooseley 3.36 3.36 7.11
21/04/17 gooseley 3.36 3.30 7.06
09/05/17 gooseley 3.33 3.28 7.02
11/05/17 gooseley 3.25 3.26 6.51

131 days 294 miles


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