I have a friend who will complete a year of marathon running on Sunday [though he won’t after all get a London Marathon place] and wondered again about this multi-day thang.

Ben Smith [nice chap, organised and ran one of his marathons] didn’t complete 401 marathons in 401 days [he took 10 days off due to injury then added extra mileage to the remaining days] Eddie Izzard didn’t complete 27 marathons in 27 days [he missed a day for medical reasons then did a double day at the end] Rob Young’s 370 marathons in a year has been questioned after he seemingly got caught cheating on another long venture [and he took 3 weeks off at one point].

Personally I felt more than able to continue after a mere 50 days but I’m sure many times more than that would have started to feel like a chore [Ben Smith has talked about the difficulty of readjusting to real life after his run finished].

How many marathons in a year. How many consecutive days of marathons. The equivalent of marathon distances over a certain period. Were the days’ runs continuous or broken into smaller parts. All these subtleties seem to be glossed over by write ups and reports. A shame because the confusions add to the publics’ questioning of real hard work and athletic endeavour.



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