marathon slump

So the answer to my research on ‘How long can you go post 50 marathons in 50 days and still be able to run a marathon’, was answered 2 weeks ago [already!?]


Manchester Marathon in 4 hours 10 minutes [despite pacing the first 14 miles at 3.40 marathon pace for a friend]. Certainly not the best way to run a marathon with NO training to speak of [longest run 17 miles at the end of January] and an easy first half and terrible second half. Even had to walk for short sections in the last 10K!?

Legs gave out at 17 miles and felt like they had run a long way [traditional post marathon walking down stairs backwards time] for a few days afterwards; whereas during the 50/50 I felt I was running on merely tired legs each day.

Amazing how quickly you can detrain but how long the body seems to remember what to do. Certainly prefer to not visit that place again though.

105 days 223 miles


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