[TDC 984]

So my reasoning has got me here:

50 marathons in 50 days in 4 hours is a lot of pavement pounding. The last few days my left ear started to get blocked up. I took some ear drops and it went away after a week. I assume the blockedness was due to a build up of wax as protection from the pounding?

A couple of weeks ago I had flu.

This week the blockedness came back, rather randomly as I have been hardly running these last few weeks, and this time with serious pain, swelling of face etc. Apparently my ear is heavily filled with wax. Seems the previous clearance was not as effective as I believed?

Perhaps the virus travelled up from my throat into the ear and due to the wax blocking everything up …

Can’t find any research on ear wax and mileage but running nearly 200 miles a week for 7 weeks must have some impact on the ears?

TDC 984 days 10512 miles


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