[TDC 978]

So here are my marks for the next year. It will be very interesting to see how far I can get down this list? A year is not a long time.

A 6 minute mile will equate to 5.14 for a peak years athlete [being 71% age graded]. As all my other distances are 75% I should be able to get here quite sharpish? A 5.30 would equate to a 4.48 [78%] the lowest I suspect I might get? National level would be 5.21 equalling 4.40 [80%]. No point thinking any more than that till I am able to comfortably do 5.45 at least.

  • Over 90% — World Class 
  • Over 80% — National Class
  • Over 70% — Regional Class
  • Over 60% — Local Class

Just thinking about making a decent marathon time [sub 3.15] by the spring seems to be a huge task at present.

TDC 978 days 10510 miles


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