mʌɪl 18

So I went out for a 1 mile time trial today to set the start mark for the year. It will take a while for my short speed to get activated. Looking at predication formula my 5K, 10K and Half Marathon times are roughly as expected, with Marathon just a little slow but 1 Mile very much slower than expected? Not surprising I guess given my training the last 2 years.

First steps then:
Get back to regular running. A weekly speed session. Lose weight!!


Today’s time was of course extremely slow given my recent inaction, huge weight gain and lack of speed training. Can’t get any worse. A few seconds faster than 10 days ago and seemed somewhat easier. Breathing and legs not a issue so is simply down to lack of speed stamina. Strangely, I did a warm up 800m at 6.50 pace and thought I would perhaps be able to do 6.40 for the mile; just shows how important speed stamina is [800m in 3.31 and 3.36]. 6 miles AM. A bit icy; makes you feel very worthy.

This evening I trotted another 6 miles as a stretch out. Was I really running an average of 10 miles a day for nearly 3 years!?

mʌɪl 18 days 52 miles


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