[TDC 932]

So today, by my estimate from last Sunday’s marathon that I was only two thirds 50/50 recovered, I should be perhaps 80% recovered meaning only another week to go before I can start really shifting [try to shift] again. That will still only be 6 weeks down time.

I decided that it is more than possible, just by getting back to normal/expected TDC mileage, to still cover the equivalent of 11 miles a day [rather than 10] for the final total of the thousand days, which end now in under 10 weeks time.

Today just a jog to Great Run Local volunteering for a meagre 2 miles. Another 675 miles to go then in the next 10 weeks. When I think that last November I did 752 miles in only 4 weeks, it makes me chuckle.

TDC 932 days 10324 miles


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