records [TDC 930]

So during the 50/50 I wasn’t really paying attention to much in the running world [not that I do anyway] and since then I have been too busy to notice much, so I hadn’t realised there has been so much nonsense going on around Ultra running records/efforts this year.

It’s always difficult when someone that inspires you turns out to have not been 100% honest. I can understand [especially when charity is involved] that it might become very important to achieve certain targets so as to continue to remain in the spotlight and continue to be able to raise money for a good cause. But honesty is always the best policy.

Ben 401 Smith had to have a 10 day pause after only 284 marathons but that hasn’t affected his charity effort. He will now have to guard against incorrect language [he did NOT run 401 marathons in 401 days, he ran the ‘equivalent of’ 401 marathons in as many days, by making up the distance he lost during those 10 days before the end date].

The media is very much to blame for a lot of the confusion on these ‘record breaking’ challenges. They simplify information or leave out facts that they think weaken the story. I remember being so disappointed when I discovered that many Guinness World Records for duration allow 10 minute toilet breaks!? Touch a truck for 100 hours means exactly that in my book. Not 100 hours minus 5 hours for breaks. ‘Non-stop’ The clue is in the words!!

Apparently several ‘record’ effort claims have been debunked recently. It’s sad when you buy into these people to then be let down. Makes it harder for those that are honest to then get the kudos they rightly deserve.

Only 1 mile tonight on way home; to make tomorrow possible.

TDC 930 days 10321 miles


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