[TDC 925]

Jersey Marathon, only 4 weeks after 50/50 completion. Legs certainly not yet recovered. About 2/3 only I’d say. Started at 3.15 pace as planned. Surprised to see/hear all the runners around me, with the 3.15 pacer, all huffing and puffing from the start. My breathing was rarely worked at any time during the event; I happily plodded along, chatting away.


I purposely lost contact with the pacer at 3 miles going up 3 miles of hills, as I thought he was running to pace rather than effort [which I had to do as I forgot my watch!?] I tracked that little paced bunch, ahead by about 20 seconds, for the next 15 miles.

At 18 miles, bang on 3.15 pace, I started to slow. At no point did I run out of energy, but my hamstrings simply would no longer respond. A couple of down hill miles from 21 miles onwards should have felt good but strangely felt even harder due to wobbly hamstrings. Despite only slowing to about 8 minutes a mile pace for the last 3 miles it felt like I was walking. Only 3.20.58 this time then, but at least it is the fastest [given course profile] I have run over a longer distance for a while. A bit disappointed but I can live with it. Certain to be faster in the Spring.

TDC 925 days 10310 miles


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