So the 50/50 successfully completed and the end of the thousand day challenge in sight. Getting ready for the MMM2016 but how will that be completed, minimal or maximal?And then what next? A new adventure for 2017. The Mile.

I’ve never run more than half a dozen 1 mile races in my life [all in the last 3 years] and none have been off of mile training. This got me to wondering what I might be able to achieve if I really aimed solely for the mile? After doing 50 marathons at 50 years old how about fifty 1 Mile time trial / races for my 51st year? And how about aiming for the magic 5 minute mile barrier?

I think this would be a far harder challenge than multiple marathons. Comparatively the 5 minute mark would be equivalent to a peak 20 something athlete doing 4 minutes and small change for the mile? a pretty solid mid level National miler. Not impossible but certainly a very different kind of running than I have ever done before. Even if I only managed 5.21 that would still get me to the entry of National level in age-graded terms.

Nibbling away at seconds for such a short distance will require a completely different mindset to plodding along for hours on end. An interesting ‘game on’ I think. As a coach it will broaden out my knowledge [which I believe comes more accurately from  direct experience] for more than just purely endurance events.

To put this in perspective, the toughest military [Cooper] tests have a grade of Superior for the youngest soldiers ending at the upper [fastest] time of 7.30 minutes for 1.5 miles.

TDC 922 days 10278 miles


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