[TDC 918]

Found myself running a Half Marathon this morning at the last second. Kept it to a paced ‘time trial’ to assess my legs for next week’s marathon. Cardio absolutely no problem; didn’t feel like I was even moving hardly. Legs on the other hand were a bit tired, especially the quads from the faster 5K yesterday. Still, aimed for 95 minutes and got 1:35.32 so the pacing was spot on at least. Depending on hills and flat bits on route, the miles were between 7.30 and 7.02

I suspect next week will be a war of attrition with my lungs saying ‘you’re not trying very hard’ and my legs saying ‘ouch ouch we can’t move any faster’? All good fun no matter.

TDC 918 days 10265 miles


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