[TDC 911]

It gets worse! I expected today to be a slightly longer run day but it ended up being merely 2 miles jog home due to volunteering at Great Run Local. Oh well I can always try some quality training next week [even if not that much in terms of distance]. Only two weeks till a faster marathon effort, so not much point going too long; whatever that might mean these days?

That’s the problem with all this longer running, it throws all perceived wisdom out of the window to a certain extent. When you get to the point that you can fall out of bed and run a marathon half asleep [not fast mind] and do the same again the next day if need be, it becomes difficult to judge ‘what next?’ or ‘what is needed?’

Still, it is rather a nice place to be. A place that I believe everyone could be if they wanted.

TDC 911 days 10221 miles


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